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    Massport Parcel H | Congress Street | Seaport

    Yeah, except then there are the real losers like 88 Black Falcon messing up their average.
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    Canopy by Hilton (née Haymarket Hotel) | Blackstone St | Parcel 9 | Greenway

    Yeah, this is built in a factory--that is supposed to mean better quality control. The brick mix is all over the place on these.
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    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    Sort of depressed about how prominent all those vents are on an otherwise pretty nicely composed facade. Even just the bare minimum of color matching would have helped.
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    Parcel 12 | Massachusetts Avenue at Boylston Street | Back Bay

    I wonder if it is metal panel now as well--looks like it. I preferred the green terra cotta but this is cheaper for sure. And won't clash with the CarGo logo.
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    88 Black Falcon Avenue | Seaport

    Yes, but it doesn't have to be. It feels li Yes, keeping the existing tenants in place during construction is certainly a significant constraint (along with the other constraints of structure, Logan heigh limits, Chapter 91). But, there still should be some aspiration here--constraints are...
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    88 Black Falcon Avenue | Seaport

    This is such a missed opportunity. There are so many great examples of fabulous vertical additions on historic buildings and this is clearly just an exercise in packing in as much square footage as possible. An architectural idea about the project would really help. Massport has developers do...
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    Barry's Corner Mixed-Use | 180 Western Avenue | Allston

    I've wondered about that too--get rid of Spurr Street to make a more developable site. Usually I'd fight for more roads, not fewer, but in this case the trade off might be worth it.
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    Prism Apts. | 50 Rogers St | Kendall Square | Cambridge

    It's a good looking building. I wish the brick facade came down to the ground. The first floor feels too wimpy to hold it up.
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    McMansion Hell & Other Real Estate Madness

    Malevolent schwarma also makes me unreasonably happy
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    Hilton Garden Inn | 700 Brookline Ave | Brookline

    The 90s called and they want their dusty rose and green back. (Nice to see some interior pics!)
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    119 Braintree Street | Allston

    It feels weird that the lab building and residential building both have the same color strategy. I don't know if it is a placeholder, but those are different uses and building types. To my mind it would make more sense to tackle them in a way that is related but distinct.
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    City Hall Plaza Revamp | Government Center

    Nope. Built in the 1800s by a guy named David Sears
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    The Aubrey | 149-153 Newbury Street | Back Bay

    I think these all suck. We have so many good architects in town who can work within the constrains of a historic district and make good buildings. Who ever is designing this shouldn't be.
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    One Post Office Square Makeover and Expansion | Financial District

    I have hopes that the new energy codes will push us away from all glass facades. I doubt it because they are, as has been pointed out, so easy to do. And triple glazing seems to be more possible than in the past. But seeing more solid material on towers would be great.
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    Shreve, Crump & Low Redevelopment | 334-364 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    There is a What's happening with Project X thread, which is the best place to ask these kinds of questions.