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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    Wasn't the game plan was the past renovation to the Cross Insurance Center was for 15 years? I understand this is an arena but having them attached or close by each other. Basically until a new arena convention center is built. I think a full-scale call convention center could be built on or...
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    Manchester Infill & Small Developments Here is a link regarding possible development of the south end of Elm street (downtown corridor). Looks great, I am skeptical that Manchester officials...
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    Alfond Foundation $500 Million gift to multiple Maine entities

    Vermont's new basketball facility is close if not the exact capacity as Patrick grmym- roughly 3200. But the new Tarrant center will have luxury boxes. I don't see how they could have a graduation here unless it is for one of the schools- nursing, engineering, Biology, ect.
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    Alfond Foundation $500 Million gift to multiple Maine entities

    Being a numbers guy, I am curious how large the new basketball arena will be. I do see some wasted space behind the baseline/basket near the football end zone. Guessing 3,500 at the most. Again my concern is this facilities may be inferior if they move conferences in the next 10 years. Football...
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    Alfond Foundation $500 Million gift to multiple Maine entities

    I find it interesting that UMaine will not have an outdoor track. Yes 400 meter is the standard for an outdoor track for both Highschool and College. But for indoor 300 meter is not common but highly desired as it useful for time trials regarding indoor track.
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    Alfond Foundation $500 Million gift to multiple Maine entities

    Everything looks like an improvement except Alfond Arena. I was hoping for a new roof that does not negativly affect the sight lines and reconfigured the upper seating so there is a concourse going around the entire arena. When conference realignment shakes down again in 4-5 years they will...
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    Alfond Foundation $500 Million gift to multiple Maine entities

    This is exciting news. I am usually rooting for the underdog like Maine. Looking forward to seeing their renderings.
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    Alfond Foundation $500 Million gift to multiple Maine entities

    I am more interested in seeing what UMaine-Orono does with their $90 million. Hopefully they update the Pit and increase the capacity so it can be used once they start drawing interest/winning. I read UMaine was going to announce more details before the end of 2020 but haven't read of any update...
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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    So let me get this a new ballpark with a smaller capacity? I get the luxury seats and event space is better/exist than Pawtucket, but come on at least build a facility that has a bigger capacity than McCoy Stadium! 12k or more makes more sense as we here in 2021 and tickets...
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    Potential Soccer Stadium | Portland peninsula

    I wouldn't be opposed to having UMaine play some games there. I just hope they make it so at some point the capacity can be increased. Hoping the capacity is closer to 8k. Yes mixed use would be ideal. Sounds like a great potentially venue for state tournament games too.
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    I am thinking a 10-13k stadium, similar to Dillon stadium in Hartford, CT. Guessing Fitzpatrick stadium. I do love the style of Providence Park in Portland, Oregon, but is a an historical landmark. Also has a larger capacity as it is home to the MLS Portland Timbers.
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    Shipyard Brewery | Cambria Suites | 86 Newbury Street | Covetrus | 12 Mountfort Street | Portland

    So I have to ask...Does anyone know what is taking this project so long to complete? Looks like they have a 4 man crew. Has the scope of the project/tenants changed since COVID-19? Happy Thanksgiving regardless!
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    Rock Row (née The Ridge, née Dirigo Plaza) | Westbrook, ME

    I wish it was a jersey mike's instead of firehouse. Mike's is so much better if we are talking chain sandwiches.
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    I am interested where the future soccer stadium is going. Also Hadlock field needs to be renovated soon. People in the northeast lose their minds over big time college athletics, but you are so right. Look no further than UConn. If you went back 30 years Storrs, CT/UConn campus looked completely...
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    Downtown Lynn

    F-Line to Dudley, Lynn is such an interesting, densely populated coastal city. I worked for a nonprofit in Lynn from 2005-2010, and is run by cheap version of the Irish Mob. Back in 2005 I could not find affordable rent, but lucked out and found a gem for $500 a month with two roommates in...
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    Portland Foreside | 58 Fore Street | Portland

    Has anyone heard any news of this building getting started? I have not been to Portland this calendar year, and curious if it gets built. It appears this entire project is limping along.
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    I really hope this gets built as rent is through the roof in Portland. Is the Tim Soley 20+ story building still in the works? I know they mention it in the PPH article. I find it extremely frustrating how citizens of Portland fuss about parking, when any successful city is short for public...
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    Rock Row (née The Ridge, née Dirigo Plaza) | Westbrook, ME

    I was at Market Basket in Manchester a few days ago and asked one of the district managers when the Plymouth, NH store will open. He responded by explaining that the Plymouth store will not open until the Westbrook store is complete or near completion since their Maine liquor license will expire...
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    Portland, ME - The Existing Environment

    There are two hotels being built in the downtown area. One is in the mill yard (a Hilton Tru hotel) and the a Marriot residence across from the arena. Both should be open by the fall. I totally agree with you on Concord is much more appealing than Manchester or Nashua. Manchester continues to...
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    Portland, ME - The Existing Environment

    Manchester wishes to be like Portland when it comes to commerce, culture, and just having the urban feel. I live right off Elm street in Manchester and it is a great city, but it's urban core is lacking the foot traffic and bustle of Portland. Portland is such a great city in the sense of quirky...