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    ICE District, Downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    WOW. I love this! Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is moving to complete one of the largest mixed-use entertainment districts in North America.
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    Video: Road snow-removal - Montréal, Québec, Canada style

    * Boston Mayor should get in touch. -- Canada, Montreal - Snow cleaning by pro's Video link Video by Inna Magazine * * Fb: Lots more videos on Youtube -...
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    Better use of waterfront - Southeast Expressway

    It looks like Lynn is now taking a keen interest in rehabbing parts of their waterfront. It's got me thinking. IF the Southeast Expressway could be reconfigured to have a calm...
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    If you designed a metro/subway for Worcester, MA how would it look?

    As the second largest city in all of New England, if you were to layout a metro/subway for Worcester, MA how would you plan it? Do you think better mass transit to the Worcester Airport would attract some airlines to serve this airport that Massport currently pays for.
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    China'sabove traffic - Straddling bus technology

    China's above traffic - Straddling bus technology This might work on some of the highways leading into Boston. I think it could give people an almost vertigo type feeling when driving underneath it though. Sort of like the sensation one gets walking forward in a bus or train that begins...
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    Film event: The Conservation of Matter: The Rise and Fall of Boston's Elevated

    Not affiliated with this event at all but someone informed me of it on Facebook and I thought it sounded interesting. -- LINK: The Conservation of Matter: The Rise and Fall of Boston's Elevated THURSDAY...
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    Tower Records > Virgin Megastore > Best buy bldg

    I'm still wonder what is going to go into the Tower Records > Virgin Megastore > Best Buy building on the corner of Newbury St. and Mass Ave. ? Someone mentioned Best Buy today, and it jogged my memory that the old "Tower Records building" will no longer have Best Buy as a tenant. ----...
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    Too soon to start planning a seawall?

    Is it too soon to start planning a seawall for Massachusetts? Article: Rising sea level puts US Atlantic coast at risk: report Date: AFP – June 24, 2012 - 7+ hrs ago Source: - Yahoo News Link:
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    The Ride has quadrupled in cost in the past decade

    Here's an interesting editorial The Ride (as a privatised entity), has quaduppled in cost in the last decade. Would you be okay paying $8 per train ride in 10 years if the MBTA was privatised? ---- Article: MBTA must put Ride service on firmer financial footing Date: March 11, 2012 Source...
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    Cambridge says its future depends on maintining good transit

    Cambridge's future very much depends on maintaining good transit Yesterday's Wicked Local online paper had a piece highlighting how Cambridge might be affected by MBTA service cut backs. I agree to a point. In deed many developments have curtailed parking spaces and pushed transit as an...
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    BBC News: Could the US crack high-speed rail?

    Article: Could the US crack high-speed rail? - By Tom Geoghegan Date: 14 October 2011 Last updated at 06:07 ET Source: - BBC News, Washington Link: -- A conference in New York is looking at plans to spend $600bn (£380bn) on a national...
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    So long S. Boston Post Office (annex)

    Anyone notice what is missing from this MBTA rendering for South Station? From the article: Credit story to Steve Annear, Metro Read about the track improvements at South Station on LINK --...
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    Remembering Paragon Park; Nantasket Beach Spring Beach Party planned for April 2

    Not sure if anyone remembers Nantasket Beach, there's an upcoming beach party planned for April 2 to remember the area as it once was. :-) I'm not involved in it, however I'm posting the link to the story in Wicked There is also a ticket cost associated. But for people looking for...
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    China to create largest mega city in the world

    Article: China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people Date: 24 Jan 2011 Source: - The Telegraph, United Kingdom Link...
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    intersection of Washington and Warren St (Dudley)

    I just so happened to be passing through the Dudley area and saw the City of Boston has placed a large sign on a building some time ago stating they're opening new city offices there. (...
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    Mass. transportation planning until 2030's

    Just a heads-up everyone, Central Transportation Planning (CTPS) is putting out their proposal for the state's future transportation investment. It covers roughly the next 20 years. I believe they still have a span of time for people to look it over an submit comments, or attend meetings about...