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  1. KentXie

    Boston's economic growth needs to be slowed. Brookings

    Good. Maybe people in flyover country can move into major cities where the population makeup is more diverse and work with people from a variety of backgrounds.
  2. KentXie

    The New York City Subway Map

    A cool little interactive map on the New York City Subway that I thought some of you might enjoy.
  3. KentXie

    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    I still think it's an eyesore. Compared to earlier designs on it, this is still the worst of the three or so design rendered. It's still looks exceptionally squat because of the misused of the colossal order. There's not going to be a spire but a flat roof. The use of different window designs...
  4. KentXie

    Back Bay Garage Tower | Dartmouth and Stuart | Back Bay

    I wonder how some of these architects got a job. My hope is if these get built that they get torn down 30 years later because they are awful lackluster designs. A 2010s version of the West End towers.
  5. KentXie

    General Infrastructure

    Tbh, it's probably a lot more difficult to sequence traffic lights in a city like Boston compared to say a planned gridded city. That being said, its situations like the one the city is currently in that I'm glad Boston did not win the Olympic bid. Imagine hosting that on top of the...
  6. KentXie


    But that's in itself is the problem I described. You're essentially pushing low income family who currently can afford living in a city like Framingham or Lynn as far out as Springfield, which with a decent community rail system connection, would result in at least a 90+ minute travel time each...
  7. KentXie


    I see you did not even read that article that I posted. See first paragraph: "There once was a time in America when people of means weren’t keen on the idea of living right next to a rail station. Real estate developers, as a general matter, didn’t throw lots of capital into these communities...
  8. KentXie


    You have to understand that "market rate" is different based on location and the type of house itself. Older houses in Lynn are most likely not at the same "market rate" as new construction. What I'm saying is that when you plop a new train station, all these older houses get replaced by new...
  9. KentXie


    It does discriminate because it essentially gentrifies the area surrounding transit nodes, raising the rent there, and pushing existing lower income families away from these nodes. Gentrification discriminates. If you stick multiple heavy rail stations into Lynn, guess what? Rents will rise...
  10. KentXie


    No, let's include government policy into housing near TOD with improving transit. It's shortsighted to think improving just transit without introducing government policy would solve the housing crisis and prevent lower income families from being pushed further away. You can't be naive enough to...
  11. KentXie


    I can guarantee you if there's a transportation option that allows you to get to Boston from Worcester or RI in 5-10 minutes, you would be most certainly paying 2x more than $1000/mo. The reason it's so cheap right now is because that accessibility doesn't exist.
  12. KentXie


    You would need to do more than build a transportation network. We all know that the moment you plop down a train station in a low income area, the surrounding land value goes up, gentrifying the surrounding area and driving existing residents further out. No, it has to be expanding...
  13. KentXie

    Uber & Lyft as a source of congestion

    I know cabs now have an app called Curb but I have never used it. Anyone here used it before to hail a cab and if so, what do you think of it?
  14. KentXie

    One Post Office Square Makeover and Expansion | Financial District

    Question. How are they going to replace the upper floors that are occupied?
  15. KentXie

    Suffolk Downs Redevelopment | East Boston

    Personally, I don't think Suffolk Down needs any amazing architecture (and if you all know me, that is a rarity for me to say that). Why? Because this is not the core. This is a perfect place to mass build some affordable housing, something the Boston market has almost COMPLETELY ignored...
  16. KentXie

    ⚫ Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    Any idea when those last few plywood windows come off or is that something the new residents requested to keep?
  17. KentXie

    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    I understand that. My conclusion is I don't trust any developer will be able to fix it in the way many of you who wish to preserve it are proposing. I've seen enough band-aids applied to City Hall to know that is a pipe dream and honestly, not worth decades of wasted years stymieing the...
  18. KentXie

    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    Intent and execution are two different things. Maybe the architect didn't intend to be hostile. Unfortunately, the execution did not follow that intent because it is every bit hostile. Just like how Government Center Plaza was intended to be a friendly public gathering space but the execution...
  19. KentXie

    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    I understand the gist of the point you are trying to make but if this is what being a visionary architect is, then being one means being out of touch of the people that live and use the spaces in the city. It sounds stuck up and condescending, boiled down essentially to "you don't understand my...
  20. KentXie

    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    Thank god this is slated for development. Not every building needs to be saved and this is definitely one terribly designed building that's best left in historical architecture books.