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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    The developers got it upzoned to the downtown B-3 zone, which probably increased its value considerably. I'm surprised to see it listed – last I'd heard, they wanted to build a senior living complex on this lot. My hunch is that they're selling it to raise some cash for their renovation of the...
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    Portland Foreside | 58 Fore Street | Portland

    The elevator core for what I think is the "pattern storehouse" is also going up next to the trail right now:
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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    Yep, it's a warehouse for Bissell Brothers:
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    Yes, the former "Jade Integrated Health" building has been torn down. The falling-over green shed with the yellow doors is still there, though. I'm hoping that having a more urban streetwall will help encourage drivers to slow down more as they're coming off 295. To be honest, I feel like...
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    Look, if Idexx and WEX "need" meeting space, they should build it themselves. In fact, nothing's preventing them from doing so – but the fact that they haven't should tell you something. Building meeting space is not the government's responsibility, and WEX and Idexx do not need our charity.
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    Demolition has started:
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    The premise that Portland "needs" a convention center is pretty similar to the premise that Portland "needs" a hockey arena. The city can obviously thrive without one - so why should a poor state government spend millions of dollars to force it to happen?
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    40 Free Street | Portland

    You may get your wish sooner rather than later. The "Cross Insurance Center" has been bleeding red ink every year since its big renovation a few years back. And that doesn't even count all of the property tax revenue that the City of Portland loses from it (it pays no property taxes, even...
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Looks great! Reminds me of Paley Park in NYC:
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    Last I'd heard, the artist was going to be Sarah Sze, who's done amazing outdoor sculpture for MIT and the High Line:
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    385 Congress St (Press Herald site) | Portland

    Not sure what this means, but it looks like the city pulled those documents down from the CSS site: @Max, any chance you saved those PDFs for posterity?
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    385 Congress St (Press Herald site) | Portland

    Very interesting! Although I'll note that these plans are all dated from May 2020, before the "green new deal" ordinances passed, so maybe take them with a grain of salt. However, it looks like the application is still active and the developers very recently paid a $1,000 to launch planning...
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    Time & Temp Building | Parking Garage Redevelopment | Portland

    They're replacing the leaky roof. Here's the building permit:
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    Shipyard Brewery | Cambria Suites | 86 Newbury Street | Covetrus | 12 Mountfort Street | Portland

    That, plus the fact that nearly every single one of those buildings on the street has been built in the 21st century.
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    75 Chestnut Street | Portland

    This one has broken ground: [
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    Brunswick Development

    Here's a photo of the "Carriage Walk Apartments" in Scarborough Downs (built last year). Look familiar? \
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    Brunswick Development

    These types of 12-unit buildings - I've been calling them quadruple triple-deckers - have been popping up all over southern Maine in the last decade. There are a bunch in Westbrook as part of the "Blue Spruce Farm" development, a large cluster of them got built a few years ago next to the...
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    45 Brown St. | Portland

    Yes, a couple commenters also criticized the current design's lack of street-level engagement, thanks to the parking garage.
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    45 Brown St. | Portland

    I watched the recording of the council's housing committee meeting; a couple of councilors expressed skepticism over the parking numbers, and just about every public commenter did as well. Then they went into executive session to provide staff "guidance" on negotiating the TIF deal. Hopefully...
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    45 Brown St. | Portland

    I note that they're asking the EDC for a TIF deal worth $7.2 million - and they're also proposing a 256 stall parking garage, which, at average construction costs, can be expected to cost around $6.4 million to build. They're also expecting tenants who use the parking to pay $175/month for a...