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    Raffles Boston (40 Trinity Place) | 426 Stuart Street | Back Bay

    That's the condition of most of the roads in this city. Many are worse. Biking around last weekend and man did it feel like our infrastructure maintenance is 3rd rate. I'm getting pretty tired of reporting 311 potholes and being told they can't do anything or getting no response at all.
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    Charlestown Infill and Small Developments

    Are you kidding me. The Naval Shipyard park is right behind the site. And there are plenty of green spaces around there. $50 says half the advocates involved are just residents of Flagship Wharf who are pissy about their pristine harbor view getting altered.
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    Jamaica Plain Infill and Small Developments

    They cite the skyrocketing lumber prices as a potential problem (it really is wild how much it's increased) but I actually wonder if it'll work towards the projects benefit. Some are saying they expect prices to start falling this summer, now that mills and production have begun to ramp back up...
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    Would've been so much nicer without the middle chunk...
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    SKY Everett | 114 Spring Street | Everett

    The Eddy is 19 stories. Sky is 21.
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    Pinnacle at Central Wharf (Harbor Garage) | 70 East India Row | Waterfront | Downtown

    I mean no offense, but this thread/tangent is encapsulating that quote pretty perfectly lol Boston is a decent city. Ranking and comparing to others doesn't do much good unless we're arguing for a higher quality or accepting the par.
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    Jamaica Plain Infill and Small Developments

    Oh my god, what is going on with the materials on that facade?? Is this a showroom for some cladding company??
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    Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment | Charlestown

    Ha! Thank you. That part of my reply was actually a remnant of one I never posted a couple months ago and meant to delete. Yeah they really went above and beyond to prioritize tree preservation and replacement +
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    Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment | Charlestown

    How many trees are there now and how many are being felled? Numbers always sound big alone, but this area is huge. That site is behind a paywall. Can you post some of them?
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    Commonwealth Pier Revitalization (née Seaport WTC)| 200 Seaport Boulevard | Seaport

    They've rendered everything pretty and vibrant with people. But I do worry a little that there's only a strong visual connection between Seaport Blvd and the larger public space, and not a strong physical one beyond the more narrow walk along the side of the building (and a ground level passway...
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    MIT East Campus - Kendall Square Gateway | Cambridge

    I legitimately thought you just took a screenshot and scribbled with a blue pen tool over it :ROFLMAO:
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    2021 Boston Mayoral Race

    Between this, her proposals to reform the zoning laws, and being the largest threat to the BPPA union on the ticket, Campbell is slowly winning me over.
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    401 Park Drive (née Landmark Center) | Fenway

    I mean in the architectural expression of the facade and general massing shape. Not a literal connection (although they do abut). You can acknowledge context without creating a superblock.
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    401 Park Drive (née Landmark Center) | Fenway

    It's disappointing that neither of these additions to Landmark remotely engage the existing building. They could go on any block in Fenway. Such a cool opportunity being next to arguably one of the most handsome buildings in this part of the city and it's totally ignored. The space in front of...
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    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    They render the colored facade materials in different hues and it's throwing me off. In some images the terracotta is super pink. In others it's more orange. Same with the "faux copper patina"(yuck) which is either mint green or something a little deeper. The swap from brick was disappointing...
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    XMBLY | 5 Middlesex Avenue | Assembly SQ | Somerville

    Do developers think people are convinced by the 10" deep setbacks and flimsy cornices, using the same gridded casement window, like this is a true built-up organic neighborhood? Definitely one of the worst trends. This could be anywhere.
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    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    I think it speaks more to the piss-poor maintenance regiment that most federal/state/locally run buildings/infrastructure experience. How did some method of cleaning the facade never come up in the past 25 years?? Why spend money to clean and repair our buildings as they occur when we could...
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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    They're completely different designs... :( I don't mind the exposed beam + corrugated look. But the broken up singular canopies are disappointing compared to the single swooping roof. And that rooftop restaurant got nixed.