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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    View from across Madison Street with the parking garage going up before the other planned developments. There was some (corporate?) event going on at the park.
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    The Cove | Green Street | Worcester

    I guess they didn’t expect a lot of pushback from the planning board because the existing buildings are as good as gone:
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    The Cove | Green Street | Worcester

    For better or worse, the zoning in that area has no height restrictions. I do like that the facade on Green Street emulates the existing street scape. Where the Cove music hall is now, there will be a 4 story brick facade with a marquis that looks like the original, and the two story building to...
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    Worcester Kelley Square

    There is no way to civil engineer our way out of that truth.
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    The Cove | Green Street | Worcester

    I had the same reaction. An earlier article stated that 99 Green Street (Jewelry store) is already under contract, but perhaps that changed.
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    The Cove | Green Street | Worcester

    I wasn’t aware demolition of the concert hall is already in progress:
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    The Cove | Green Street | Worcester Starting a new thread for the proposal that @found5dollar posted in the Canal district thread above. It will be discussed at a planning board meeting this evening. Due to its scale it possibly...
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    Lincoln Square Boy's Club | Salisbury Street | Worcester

    No news, just shots of the current state.
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    The Mercantile | Mercantile Street | Worcester “The Mercantile” name is still tentative but construction is progressing at the 500-seat restaurant. Across the street however it’s crickets at the place where the Ruth’s Chris was supposed to open.
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    Worcester | Canal District infill/discussion

    I believe the Stones have played there when it was called the Cove.
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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    I think the Las Vegas ballpark is gorgeous and I believe it was the most expensive minor league stadium until Worcester eclipsed it. Some people may say it would have felt out of place in Worcester, but would that have necessarily been a bad thing? LinkedIn
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    Lincoln Square Boy's Club | Salisbury Street | Worcester

    This article shows some interesting interior shots of the old building. It was written when the place was supposed to be converted into a center for people with high-functioning autism.
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    Lincoln Square Boy's Club | Salisbury Street | Worcester

    The former Worcester Lincoln Square Boy's Club / Vocational School building has been sitting empty for over 20 years. WinnCompanies is now redeveloping the property into 95-100 senior housing units. The original building will hold 30 of those units once it's completely renovated, and new...
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    Bay Village Infill and Small Developments

    The City Square connected plans to build more apartments have been shelved even before COVID, so there are now two wind-swept, trash–filled lots in downtown Worcester where Notre Dame and Mount Carmel once stood. Everyone would have welcomed a conversion like here. One bright point: The...
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    "Dirty Old Boston"

    I had no idea a whole city block was torn down for the Christian Science arcades, tower and reflecting pool. At least I’ve never seen a photo of it. Thanks!
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Depends on the replacement. The Globe writes: In her place, Baker said he appointed Jamey L. Tesler, the current head of the Registry of Motor Vehicles, to be acting secretary at MassDOT […] Baker tapped Tesler to lead the Registry in June 2019 when the previous registrar, Erin Deveney...
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    MassDOT Rail: Springfield Hub (East-West, NNERI, Berkshires, CT-Valley-VT-Quebec)

    I think that fact is well understood in Massachusetts and southern New England and I’ve never heard anyone refute it.
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    WPI Smart World Research Center | Boynton Street | Worcester

    For reference, initial post in Worcester Development thread. Construction Update 1 Construction Update 2 Construction Update 3
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    These are two smaller adjacent developments on Chandler Street, not sure that they warrant their own thread. A combined 78 residential units are built in an existing industrial building with a new addition, and next door in an old stamp factory. 31 units will be slated affordable, I believe the...