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  1. BostonUrbEx

    One Post Office Square Makeover and Expansion | Financial District

    Not sure how good these will be, came across some demo work at 1am this morning. Seemed like a really odd time to do this. A bunch of engineers were standing around Liberty Sq watching over it.
  2. BostonUrbEx

    Reasonable Transit Pitches

    Why not make a larger Lynn garage? Like that honkin' big vacant GE lot next to the new Lynn Market Basket, and sell of the existing garage. Or, the cheapskate alternative, buy a chunk of GE's excess parking immediately across the street from the existing garage to store more buses.
  3. BostonUrbEx

    General Boston Discussion.

    Who tf nominated Encore?
  4. BostonUrbEx

    AB Google Earth Guessing Game

    Ah, man! The angle had me totally thrown off, I'd have never figure it out. I was trying to think of everywhere that would have a bridge and be near the tracks visible in the bottom left.
  5. BostonUrbEx

    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    From what I hear, instead of building a new track for the full length of the realignment, and then throwing over the end connections for the track throw to go off in a single weekend, they will now instead be doing individual sections of track throw every weekend.
  6. BostonUrbEx

    Penny per mile odometer tax

    At this point, I think the emissions from combustion engines are a drop in the bucket compared to emissions from brake and tire wear, plus chemically treating roads, plus massive plots of asphalt, plus low-density sprawl encroaching on ecosystems, etc, etc. Then there is the safety factor of...
  7. BostonUrbEx

    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    Exciting to see the station [partially] covered. Wasn't sure we'd ever see anything resembling air rights again following the Columbus Center falling through.
  8. BostonUrbEx

    Reasonable Transit Pitches

    Reasonable Pitch #496723: Dedicated E Line reservation extension from Brigham Circle to Perkins St. Ban cars on South Huntington between Perkins and Centre, this will be the terminal station and tail tracks. No loops, no mixed traffic. A clean, signal-prioritized run and change ends.
  9. BostonUrbEx

    African Architecture

    Great stuff in that thread. Really good replies.
  10. BostonUrbEx

    Penny per mile odometer tax

    Should airlines be barred from charging more for a popular departure times between the same two cities? Should movie theaters not give discounts on weekdays? Should ski resorts not have different levels of season passes with different blackout dates? They're all congestion charges, smoothing out...
  11. BostonUrbEx

    Eliminate the River Roads?

    All Memorial Drive lanes, both directions, should be placed into the current footprint of the Memorial Drive Westbound lanes. It really wouldn't be that complex at all. More prime park space per dollar than trying to solve the Storrow Drive mess.
  12. BostonUrbEx

    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    I'm in awe of the Seaport lately, and I'm sad Menino isn't here to see it. I was highly critical of Menino and his BRA, I was highly critical of the Seaport's planning, and I'm still a bit critical of some major elements today even as things take shape. But even if not perfect, it is still...
  13. BostonUrbEx

    Station Landing | Wellington Circle | Medford

    I had no idea this was going on until I went by yesterday. I thought that Station Landing was "built out" and staying as-is. I am glad to see a parking lot being infilled. Hopefully they do some more of this.
  14. BostonUrbEx

    Assembly Row Development| Assembly Square | Somerville

    View yesterday from the Public Storage building.
  15. BostonUrbEx

    Penny per mile odometer tax

    Changing how taxes are collected and spent =/= raising taxes. The gas tax should be eliminated entirely, unless we want to keep around some sort of nominal gas tax that will kick some funding into environmental initiatives. But the gas tax is completely broken as a way of funding roads, and will...
  16. BostonUrbEx

    Lawrence Developments

    Hundreds of new apartments approved in Lawrence Three projects pass Planning Board
  17. BostonUrbEx

    Fenway - Longwood Transportation

    I don't have an answer, but from what I understand the contractor went belly-up and a new contractor is trying to quickly take over the reigns.
  18. BostonUrbEx

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    This was actually my attempt at avoiding a circumferential routing. This is just supposed to be part of expanding the hub-and-spoke system into a grid, hitting job centers while adding a spoke on the north side of the harbor. A circumferential routing should be further out. That's why I was...
  19. BostonUrbEx

    Reasonable Transit Pitches

    Not understanding the disconnect here. I think this is a perfect example of where a gondola actually works. Marina Bay has hundreds of units, some retail, restaurants, bars, and room for plenty more units. Everyone at Marina Bay or Squantum has to head south in the opposite direction of Boston...