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    The Caldwell Apartments | 34 Munroe St | Lynn

    I was shocked last night to see this project under construction with completion date of next year - 259 apartments in downtown Lynn is quite an accomplishment.
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    Public hearing on North-South Rail Link

    CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND TRANSPORTATION HEARING ON DOCKET #0879 A hearing on the proposed North-South Rail Link. The Chair of the Committee is Councilor Michelle Wu, and the Sponsor is Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George. THE PUBLIC CAN OFFER TESTIMONY...
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    Unions are Good! Or Bad!

    I am enjoying the pile-driving going on right now b/c it drowns out the Marriott strikers outside the Westin.
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    Do some building materials have better reputations

    I am trying to do research on something and not sure what I'm looking for or how to figure out what I want to know. So I'm writing this post, anyway! It has to do with what is used to build mid-to-high rise residential housing. In the Seaport right now, the Echelon Seaport is going up. It's...
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    Beer & Transit & Beer

    Beer & Transit Join us for a special Beer & Transit at District Hall in the Seaport District! As our inaugural event for 2017, we'll set the tone for action to move Faster Forward toward a better transit network for all in the coming year. Celebrate with us our progress in 2016, where we stand...
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    John for Deeds Campaign Kick-off Party

    Hello, fellow netters. I wanted to invite you all to the John for Deeds campaign kick-off party. As some of you may know, I'm running for Suffolk County Register of Deeds. (Suffolk County is Boston, Chelsea, Winthrop, and Revere.) I'll be on your November 8th ballot as a non-party candidate...
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    Shaping Boston's Future: Aspirations, Opportunities, and Challenges

    Tomorrow night's topic: Past Futures: Learning from Past Planning Efforts What might we learn from some notable previous planning efforts, particularly the last master plan: the BRA’s “1965/1975 General Plan for the City of Boston and the regional core?” --- The spring 2016 Myra Kraft Open...
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    Book release: Heroic - Concrete Architecture and the New Boston

    Heroic - Concrete Architecture and the New Boston Written by Mark Pasnik, Chris Grimley, Michael Kubo Often problematically labeled as “Brutalist” architecture, the concrete buildings that transformed Boston during 1960s and 1970s were conceived with progressive-minded intentions by some of the...
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    Boston Civic Design Commission

    Sooo... I guess I never quite realized that the Boston Civic Design Commission (BCDC) existed. I know, you're saying, wut? But, it's true. I figured the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) had the only say in what got built in the city - and how it looked. And, it sort of does have final...
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    Provincetown Developments

    Not sure if this thread will get a lot of traffic, or be of general interest, but let's see. We have a half-share for the summer, so I'm spending a lot of time here. We actually have more like a 60-40 share and the other couple often cut their weeks short, so basically, yeah, I live here. It's...
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    Human Services Public Hearing
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    Public Health Public Hearing
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    Environment Public Hearing
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    Transportation Public Hearing
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    Education Public Hearing
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    Economic Development Public Hearing
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    Top Priorities for Mayor Walsh

    Anyone want to suggest some ideas that incoming mayor Marty Walsh should consider as he gets acclimated? PS. See the Calendar for a series of scheduled meetings being held by advisers to the new mayor to be presented to him after his inauguration. Here's the complete list of "public hearings"...
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    John Portman

    I just watched "Now You See Me". It was terrible. Disappointed considering everyone else seemed to like it. Oh, wait. Then I watched a documentary on John Portman. It was delightful. I had never heard of him but based on what he's designed, I should have. The architects amongst you have, of...
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    Move from new to existing devs

    Hi. I just noticed several projects that are completed are listed as "new" developments. Does admin change their categories?
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    Belvidere / Dalton hotel and residential project

    Public meeting regarding proposal to erect two buildings behind Christian Science Center. Notice notable for stating that the "high-rise" will be 58 stories and the "mid-rise" will be 25 stories. Contradicting what I thought to be true, that a mid-rise is under ten stories.