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  1. Boston02124

    State Street HQ | One Congress | Bulfinch Crossing | West End

    You can now see this on the skyline from the pike at rt 128 , for decades u could only see the Hancock and the Pru and sometimes the top of 1 Boston place , now of course the 3 towers in the Back Bay and MT tower along with this one
  2. Boston02124

    Bay Village Apartment Tower | 212 Stuart St. | Bay Village

    Maybe someone will give it (Revere hotel) the government center garage treatment, looks like it could work here too.
  3. Boston02124

    Watertown Mall Redevelopment | 550 Arsenal Street | Watertown

    I work off Arsenal st the traffic is bad all ready can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when everything is built and open , they’re building a huge complex next door along with everything else on Arsenal st