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    State Street HQ | One Congress | Bulfinch Crossing | West End

    Well this thread is certainly explaining how 100 Federal Street came about.
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    Red Sox Mixed-Use Development | Fenway

    I don't see any reason why Fenway can't be used indefinitely, if the framework itself is structurally sound. At this point there's more long-term value in Fenway Park as iconic historic stadium than any short-term benefit a new park would have, and if they can keep the amenities nice through...
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    Beacon Hill: Disney Through the Ages

    Disney, to my mind, implies a pre-fab representation of a specific period in time to evoke a certain nostalgia or atmosphere that is inherently inauthentic but pleasant regardless. One step above a movie set. Places like Derby Street Shops for example. I don't think that's a fair comparison to...
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    Member Pics Shoutout Gallery

    By @Subdivisions -
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    Hartford CT

    Only tangentially related, but Hartford-Brainerd would be an excellent location for a Cleveland-like airport IndyCar race. Hartford's the type of city that would benefit from an event like that, and having an urban airport to run the race on makes it an easier sell as they aren't tying up city...
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    Gillette Stadium

    If the team sucks, and you can't draw a crowd by their play, at least for a season or two you can bump up attendance (and concession sales) with a new building that people want to check out. Even if the team is good it raises demand so you can raise ticket prices. After a while the shine wears...
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    South Boston Infill and Small Developments

    It's just so...mall. Like, the Food Court is over to the left.
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    🔷 Open Thread
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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    I love the fact that the DCU Center still largely looks like the place my dad took me to for monster trucks as a kindergartener. I still go to that show annually, pandemic notwithstanding, and I was crushed when they took out the old concourse/lobby a few years back. That it hadn't really...
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    Here's the color version of that image, for the interested: The main crop of current NHL arenas were built from 1993 to 2000, largely to similar standards, and...
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    Kenmore Square North | 533-541 Commonwealth Ave | Fenway

    I can't get over how Saran Wrappy those windows look. I don't know if it's the glass itself or the size of them, but they look so cheap and so thin.
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    Waltham Infill and Small Developments

    It's ironic that the Polaroid campus development is taking so long.
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    Worcester Kelley Square

    That I don't have to say a prayer heading through there anymore is a big win.
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    Bulfinch Triangle Infill & Small Projects

    Are you sure? Could be a maple leaf and Ascend is actually an organization that helps you get residency in Canada...
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    "Dirty Old Boston"

    Kelly's Landing. Closed when I was a kid, which was a shame as we would get hot dogs there occasionally when we were at the beach. Now just a small park.
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    Member Pics Shoutout Gallery

    @Brookline-ish from
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    🔷 Open Thread

    That's good stuff! I'm not too deep into vaporwave but it's fun to explore when I'm in a particular mood. And that apartment is very A E S T H E T I C. The Encarta CD makes it for me.
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    South Boston Infill and Small Developments

    It's a refresh: They really changed up the building the H&R Block is in, almost didn't recognize it at first.
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    "Dirty Old Boston"

    That photo is clearly years (even decades) before my time, and yet other than the cars and the skyline it's almost exactly how I remember that part of Southie from my childhood. That section's not even all that different today.