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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Further sagas in sitting at Moynihan Train Hall: Today the ticketed waiting area was full, yet again, so I went to where I always go to sit on the floor, against a platform escalator railing, to wait until my train. A security guard walked up to me and said "you can't sit on the floor. You have...
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    Parcel 12 | Massachusetts Avenue at Boylston Street | Back Bay

    Apparently they put the final pieces of the crane together on move in day for Berklee/ the Boston Conservatory. They blocked off most of Boylston near the crane and apparently it made for a disaster of a move in. I'm seeing tons of posts on social media about it. 🤷‍♂️
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    Laconia, NH

    I'd say downtown was already in a mini renaissance before the Colonial re-opened. Most store fronts are full now and a few destination stores have opened. Burrito me, Wayfair Coffee Rosters, even the Laconia Antique center have become large tourist and local draws. There is WAY to much parking...
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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    They just moved one of the Worcester dining cars to the stadium. It is really interesting how much of the stadium design and work isn't actually about the stadium. It is about creating almost a "greatest hits of Worcester" area to build a tourism district in some sort of way...
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    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    Woah. Another turnpike parcel is really happening. I never believe it till I see work starting. Bonkers.
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    Laconia, NH

    I find myself in the Laconia area pretty often for work so thought I would start a thread for it. I was up there about a week ago to check out the newly renovated Colonial Theater. Built in 1914 it was apparently billed as "The most beautiful theater north of Boston" at the time. The magnificent...
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    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    I got to take a train out of south Station yesterday and I know people were worried about filling in the ends of the tracks but it actually feels really great when you are there. I remember feeling super cramped on the area between the station and the tracks before, especially when people would...
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    The homeless issue is what drives me the most up the wall. The solution is to house people, not give people less places to sit. Because the city won't address real issues in housing, affordability, and mental health we all get a more uncomfortable city where those who need seating or restrooms...
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    And we all agree "old" penn station was an unimaginable failure and not built for the people that use it. If we wanted it to just be the same then why did we build a new shiny train hall?
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    More people are getting mad at the lack of seating at Moynihan. The sheer number of people having to sit on the floor is crazy. If it is truly a "once the rest of the hall opens there will be seating" problem the they should put in temporary seating until that is open. People shouldn't have to...
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    80-100 Smith Street | Mission Hill

    I work with a company that is a direct competitor to the producers of Sleep No More so I will just kindly respond to this with a "no"😂
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    80-100 Smith Street | Mission Hill

    ^ what I wouldn't give to get to work on a theater piece in that space.
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    The "ticketed waiting area" was full, it had a line of people waiting to get in but couldn't. There were also plenty of people waiting to meet people that were delayed and couldn't get into the seating area because they didn't have tickets. The commodification of seating in the train hall is...
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Y'All. I'm in Moynihan Train Hall right now and all the trains are delayed by hours. Hundreds of people are waiting. Know what would be helpfull? Some benches. Put benches in Moynihan Train Hall. I was sitting on this ledge and got told I couldn't sit there by security. There are people sitting...
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Also, I took this pic back in March but it kinda shows how much this building aligns with the weird street grids in the area.
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Over from the bushwick/bed-stuy/williamsburg areas I'm always, in 9 Dekalb catches some major view corridors (like looking down Mytrle ave). I've also been working down in Brooklyn Heights for the past few months and it completely transforms the physical and psychological shape of a major chunk...
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    The Beacon | 819 Beacon St. | Fenway

    Woah. They are going to build out over the tunnel after all? That's going to make this building much more expensive.
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    "The Garage" | 36 JFK Street | Harvard Square | Cambridge

    So many memories in that building. I totally get that it needs a face lift but this feels super soulless. Besides all the days looking at clothes in Hootenanny and cds in Newbury Comics, my biggest connection to this building was going to see Actors Shakespeare Project's Titus Andronicus in...
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    Pinnacle at Central Wharf (Harbor Garage) | 70 East India Row | Waterfront | Downtown

    Thank you! This is exactly what i was looking for. It seems everything is coming to a head over the next year or so. we will see how it all plays out.