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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Note how more distinguished systems handle this issue
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    MBTA "Transformation" (Green Line, Red Line, & Orange Line Transformation Projects)

    Never noticed how ugly that building in the back is
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Boston: All our new trains are broken Washington DC:
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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    I work a regular office job and I start at 10am.
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Ive used the Alewife one a few times and it was perfectly fine. Its especially important at rail terminus because for many folks thats just the middle of the trip. You might have spent 30 minutes on the train and about to spend 30 minutes on a bus. Harvard has one, but you need to track down...
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Reading an article about restrooms in the Seattle transit system... What was the last new MBTA station to have one? Does Courthouse have restrooms? I dont think any of the Green Line...
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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    Why dont they have West newton connecting to Washington Street?
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Probably done in anticipation of future trains from China
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Great info. Sad that we got like 10% of what was planned
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    From Reddit. Is it just me, or is having two separate tap target areas bad UI
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Thanks. Odd they built it straight down when even then the planw as SL along Essex
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Do you know where I could find a diagram of the existing tunnel?
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Supposedly the space for the rail link is there right? You could use it for the silver line and not have to worry about all the grade change issues with the rail lines. Its already there ready to go.
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    They could do that easily with the Washington Street Silver Line, but I think the more important connection is North Station to Seaport and Airport, and those buses are already underground. As a reminder, Sl Phase 3 was underground to Boylston. Im proposing underground to North Station via the...
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Considering its clear the future of the MBTA is an entirely Silver Line based transit network, I think its time to start thinking about the South Station-North Station connection to be done via the Silver Line. The Silver line is already underground at South Station. Just knock a hole into the...
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    Transit history/trivia quiz

    Outside of the Boston Elevated Railway (BERy) system, where were the last streetcars operated in the state? Well, Lowell is still running sort of....
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    I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

    An ideal plan would have a train running from Riverside to North Station, stopping along the way.
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    Transitmatters/Sierra Club bus electrification report

    I will read the report later, but if it doesnt start by recommending SL2 have wire strung up immediately, the whole thing is trash
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    The New Retail Thread

    Damn, thats a long run. If my memory is correct, they opened in 2008. Was a Brazilian place before that
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    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    Thats nice 3rd track theyre building there. Surely thats what it is, because no one would be dumb enough to permanently make the route 2 tracks