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  1. datadyne007

    Skating Club of Boston/Studio Allston Redevelopment | 1240/1234 Soldiers Field Rd | Allston

    Steve Adams reports a Letter of Intent has been filed by The Davis Companies for demolishing the Skating Club of Boston and Studio Allston hotel to put up: 1240 SFR (Skating Club site) 535 rental units 10,500 sf of ground floor commercial space 220 parking spaces in underground garage 1234...
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    Everett City Hall Renovation | 484 Broadway | Everett

    The mayor just dropped this: Project is preliminary at this point. Currently, Everett City Hall is an awful midcentury modernist building:
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    [SITE REVAMP] Moderator Nominations

    Hello everyone. As part of the site revamp, we will be building up a team of moderators. I realize Ed had asked for suggestions in his "A New Dawn" thread, but I want to do this in a more formal, organized way, since the other thread got crazy with all kinds of other discussion. If you replied...
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    Steffian Bradley has gone out of business after 87 years

    87-year-old Boston architecture firm Steffian Bradley closes abruptly Steffian Bradley Architects, an architecture firm founded in Boston in 1932, has abruptly closed its doors. The company had 120 employees, of which 60 were located in Massachusetts, as of last August, according to the most...
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    Commission on the Future of Transportation Report

    MA just released the report from the Commission established earlier this year. It is quite a document. Commission Page: ---------------------------------------------------------------- All volumes...
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    Residential Tower | 26 Court St. | Government Center

    NOTE: THIS IS JUST A THOUGHT EXPERIMENT AT THIS TIME. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PROPOSAL BEFORE THE BPDA. NOTHING HAS BEEN FILED. Steve Adams is reporting in a paywalled B&T article that the City asked developers if they had ideas to use municipal properties to build housing. Cronin Group...
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    MassMutual | 10 Fan Pier Blvd | Fan Pier Parcel E | Seaport

    Globe article re: MassMutual interest: 02/08/18 BPDA Approved 06/05/18 BCDC:
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    Cambridge Crossing Parcel I | 151 N First Street | East Cambridge

    From the Cambridge Crossing Master Plan thread:
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    EDGE Assembly Square | 74 Middlesex Ave | Somerville

    From Assembly Row thread: Res & Hotel. This site was supposed to be a massive parking garage in the 2009 Master Plan, so this is pretty good.
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    95 Saint (nee Longwood II) | 95 St. Alphonsus St. | Mission Hill

    Longwood II Residences | 95 St. Alphonsus St. | Mission Hill PNF Filed June 13, 2017: Submitted to: Boston Planning & Development Agency One City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201 Submitted by: Wingate Companies 100...
  11. datadyne007

    RIP Howard Elkus

    Howard Elkus, one half of the renowned Boston architecture firm Elkus-Manfredi has died unexpectedly: Here he is just days ago on March 28 at the BAC with Taniya Nayak:
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    One Kenmore Square | 560 Commonwealth Avenue | Kenmore Square

    Bldup just dropped this: No info on height. Looks a lot like 1 Dalton at the base. This parcel is currently a single-story Citizens Bank...
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    PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Master Plan

    Draft Link - 05/20/16: (Warning: Large)
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    Orient Heights BHA Redevelopment | Faywood Ave/Vallar Rd/Waldemar Ave | East Boston

    Developer: Trinity Financial Architect: ICON Architecture Units: *373 proposed (replacing 331 BHA units + 42 units non-public housing) - 194 in mid-rise buildings - 179 in townhouses *UPDATE 05/04/18: NPC filed 04/26/18...
  15. datadyne007

    SF's Treasure Island & Yerba Buena Island Redevelopment Project

    This is exactly what Boston needs to do - think LARGE:
  16. datadyne007

    The Quinn (née The Berkeley) | 370-380 Harrison Ave | South End

    The Project, as currently conceived, will include the construction of a new, up to approximately 356,500 sf mixed-use building facing Harrison Avenue and extending between Traveler and East Berkeley Streets. The approximately 150-foot tall, 14-story building will include up to approximately 280...
  17. datadyne007

    Boutique Hotel at 88 North Washington St | Bulfinch Triangle | West End

    This parcel is next to the Merano Height: 15 stories | 148'-0" to roof Small Project Review Application:
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    Harrison Ave Hotel | 15 Harrison Avenue | Chinatown

    Harrison Ave Hotel | 15 Harrison Avenue Fast facts: - 26 stories (height unknown) - 126 standard rooms + 6 suites - No kitchen/room service to encourage people to explore Chinatown Design looks pretty awful.
  19. datadyne007

    Columbus Ave Student Housing | 10 Burke St | Northeastern University

    Columbus Ave Student Housing Developer: Northeastern University / American Campus Communities Architect: Cube 3 Studio / Elkus Manfredi Description: Northeastern University and American Campus Communities have submitted a PNF/IMPNF for an 800 student dorm totaling 310,000 SF. Building Size...
  20. datadyne007

    Radius Apartments (née The Icon née Western Av Residence) | 530 Western Av | Brighton

    530 Western Ave Developer: The Mount Vernon Company, Inc Architect: Prellwitz Chilinski Associates Description: Proposed Large Project of 132 rental units and retail at the corner of Western Ave and Birmingham Parkway Building Size: 128,052 sq ft Uses: Rental / Retail Residential Mix: (20)...