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  1. datadyne007

    The St Regis Residences (former Whiskey Priest site) | 150 Seaport Blvd | Seaport

    Cronin Group proposes "iconic" 22-story residential tower at Whiskey Priest/Atlantic Beer Garden site:
  2. datadyne007

    3200 Washington St. | Egleston Sq. | Jamaica Plain

    100% private funded. 76 units, nearly 24% of which are affordable. A hardware store & neighborhood restaurant are planned for the retail spaces at ground level. PNF Here: BRA Website Listing...
  3. datadyne007

    Pier 4 Office Building | 140 Northern Ave | Seaport

    BUILDING DETAILS Total Square Footage: 370,000 RSF Developer: Tishman Speyer Architect: Elkus Manfredi Typical Floor: 30,000 RSF LEED®: Anticipated Design for LEED Gold Certification Finished Ceiling Height 9’0” (Floors 2-12) 10’0” (Floor 13) Slab to Slab 12’8” (Floors 2-12) 14’2” (Floor 13)...
  4. datadyne007

    Rio Grande (née Dudley Square Residential Tower) | Washington St. | Roxbury

    This came out of left field! Rendering by Stull & Lee Architects
  5. datadyne007

    Madison Park Infill | Melnea Cass Boulevard | Lower Roxbury

    PNF Here: 76 affordable units 89,502 gross square feet --
  6. datadyne007

    Dot Block | Dot Ave, Greenmount St, Hancock St | Dorchester

    PNF here: This project has been increased in size since the PNF filing: 384 apartments (increased to 420) 60,000 square...
  7. datadyne007

    "Archiculture" & The Future of Architecture Education

    This documentary just came out and gives a good, but brief look into the lives of modern architecture students for those that aren't familiar with architecture education. It explains the studio system, critiques ("crits"), the unrestrained optimism of architecture students, starchitecture, and...
  8. datadyne007

    Boston ranked #1 most energy efficient city by ACEEE
  9. datadyne007

    Why the BRA Needs to Go

    From Boston Magazine: YES YES YES. Please share this with EVERYONE you know and start encouraging them to pressure the mayoral candidates with the request to disband the BRA. Make disbanding the BRA a mayoral platform, gain support and hype up the cause and you have yourself a perfect candidate.
  10. datadyne007

    Boston from Above

    I'm a big fan of observation decks and have been going to them regularly since I can remember. It has been amazing to watch Boston change over the past few decades from above. Boston now essentially has 2 public ones (since the tragic and illegal closure of the JHT): One at the Pru: Level 50 -...
  11. datadyne007

    A long weekend in Boston

    Hey guys, I have a friend coming from NYC this weekend (tonight thru Sunday) to see Boston for the first time. I've done this grand tour many times before and have a route that I like to take, but I was wondering how you guys do it so I could maybe switch it up or go to some new places that you...
  12. datadyne007

    Penn Station: Then and Now

    Incredibly Upsetting Pictures Of Penn Station Then & Now WHY?! posted on January 17, 2013 at 6:34pm EST Matt Stopera BuzzFeed Staff Then: Classical Greek Doric columns Via: Now: 1D World Via: Then: The escalators Via: Now: The escalators Via...
  13. datadyne007

    James Kunstler: How bad architecture wrecked cities

    James Kunstler: How bad architecture wrecked cities In James Howard Kunstler's view, public spaces should be inspired centers of civic life and the physical manifestation of the common good. Instead, he argues, what we have in America is a nation of places not worth caring about. James Howard...
  14. datadyne007

    BBC News - "Reaching for the Sky" Series on Skyscrapers All sorts of topics are covered from running the Burj Dubai, to living at the top of Eureka Tower on floor 74, to building skyscrapers, to parks in the sky, to China's "pants" building, to KONE's underground elevator testing facility.
  15. datadyne007

    Transportation Symposium: Future of Public Transportation

    Transportation Symposium: Future of Public Transportation-Metro and Regional Perspectives FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2012 8:00-10:00 a.m. Watson Auditorium Panel Guests include: Governor Michael Dukakis, Senator Thomas M, McGee, Richard Davey, Secretary, Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation Andrea...
  16. datadyne007

    Boston's West End: Moving Forward/Looking Back

    Below please find a link to the abstract and speaker bios for next week's opening talk and reception for Boston's West End: Moving Forward/Looking Back, taking place on Wednesday, November 7 at 6:00PM in the Alumni Library. The Executive Director and Founder of the West End Museum will be...
  17. datadyne007

    The Apartments at 525 Huntington Ave @ Wentworth | 525 Huntington Ave | Fenway

    LIVE WEBCAM I'll be working on filling in all the background info about this project soon. This project is of course the site of the useless "Vancouver Park" (created as an interim solution to the issue of the building not getting built because of the Great Recession) in the Vancouver...
  18. datadyne007

    NYC - Celebrating the Bloomberg Administration as an Agency of Change

    Agencies of Change The Bloomberg Administration is one of the most pro-development governments in city history. As they count down their remaining days in office, AN checks in with the agencies whose projects have had the most impact on development. Read the extensive (understatement)...