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    The Mystic River Pedestrian/Bike Bridge
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    Domino Sugar Redevelopment | 425 Medford Street | Charlestown Waterfront

    This looks absolutely incredible - - world class type development. The Mystic Riviera is going to happen. It may take a few decades, but look up and down that river - - it is inevitable...
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    Charlesbank Landing - Esplanade (near MOS)
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    Book: Boston's Oldest Buildings and Where to Find Them

    OK, this one looks fascinating.
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    45 Milk Street's "Stairs to Nowhere"
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    Globe 2021 Project: Boston: The Silicon Valley of longevity?

    Mod, please feel free to move if you feel there are better forums for this, but I see this as "Urbanism", and quite central to the case of Urbanism in Boston/Cambridge. The Globe today kicks off a year-long discussion project of why Boston/Cambridge can learn from the CoSci industry mistakes of...
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    Cycling the World

    Not "Biking in Boston" (doesn't even touch New England) , but I thought this is really cool and the folks who do bike might like to know this:
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    Local Artist's Summer 2020 Construction Tour Videos

    Enjoy the treasure trove in the link below: This guy did an amazing job - the videos are great documentations of whats going up. His commentary, while sometimes factually off (can quite get the names of streets right) are really illuminating. I truly enjoyed his videos and hopes he makes...
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    FYI - Tesla Battery Day (Delayed a few minutes here)

    Just in case anyone wants to tune in:
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    Video: Nomadic Ambience - Walking in the Rain (Beacon Hill)

    I found this yesterday on youtube and consider having being given a wonderful gift. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did:
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    10/11/2018: HUGE Development Regarding Boston Area College Dormitories

    (This popped up on the Globe website a few minutes ago and I didn't know whether to put this in the "Development Forum" or this one - - if I erred, please accept my apologies). This is massive news for Boston on several levels - - economic, education and urban planning. The domino effect from...
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    Possible Solution Top Get Amazon to Fort Point Channel

    OK, we know the USPS needs to be near the airport and Gillette needs to be near at least a small body of water for engineering purposes of the razor manufacturing and that's why they have stubbornly sat at Fort Point, thus wasting a golden spot for an iconic development that would be world...
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    The Colonial Theatre Reborn! ".......The improvements mark a dramatic turnaround for the Colonial, whose existence as a theater seemed threatened in the fall of 2015...
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    Boston NIMBY Politics and Strategies

    NIMBY's Newest Track - "But Whadddabout Tha Birds???" To the writer's credit not actually talking ant-development - - just to mitigate the clear/reflective glass fooling the fly rodents. But I'm sure the NIMBY's will latch onto what they want from this...
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    TransitMatters Regional Rail Plan

    What an outstanding example of a progressive group that is taken seriously by the powers that be. Godspeed, TransitMatters (but please push the NSRL - - then you wouldn't have to worry about the capacity at South Station)...
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    Boston's Comprehensive Transportation Plan Unveiled 3/7/2017

    Two years in the making. To be unveiled today: "The future of transportation in Boston includes fewer cars on the road, heavy reliance on public transit, and...
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    8-10 Waldo Street | Coolidge Corner | Brookline

    OK, I've seen some bad proposals - - but this takes the cake. This is simply a developer defecation on Coolidge Corner. The developer, Chestnut Hill Realty should be ashamed that this picture made the paper...
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    Shoddy/Threatening Developer Bullying Robey St in Roxbury

    Why is the city of Boston even considering (let alone helping) this guy to even exist as a developer? Read the article and his recidivist behavior.
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    Get Ready For Google View of the Charles!

    This is great. Should be online within a couple of months.
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    Steinert Building | 162 Boylston St | Theater District

    My favorite "new" development. THIS is the type of thing that makes a city more interesting than just a big office park: Steinert...