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    Crazy Transit Pitches (Maine Edition)

    I guess this is as good of any thread to pitch my crazy, never-going-to-happen-but-still-fun-to-discuss idea for light rail in Portland. Below is a map of the routes I would propose. It's pretty simple (I think): Green Line (Westbrook Loop) Route: Running along the Mountain Division line...
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    Montreal-to-Boston Overnight "Hotel" Train Via Portland Definitely not high-speed and probably more of a tourist train than anything, but it's a start. Given past delays with passenger service operations in dealing with the likes of Pan Am, I doubt they'll get this off...
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    Westbrook, ME

    Seems as though there might actually be some demand for Westbrook having it's own thread, so I'm going to go ahead and create one. To kick this all off, I'm repeating some of my initial thoughts for downtown Westbrook (I have a whole lot more). I consider the "core" downtown to be the...