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  1. Charlie_mta

    North Station, Charles River Draw, & Tower A

    I agree with Brattle Loop that even if the entire system were electrified, all the CR routes would not logically go through a 4-track NSRL. So, you'd still need both North Station and South Station as catchment points for those trains that the NSRL couldn't accommodate..
  2. Charlie_mta

    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    This one caught my eye: " 8. Hynes Station Scope: MassDOT has designated a private developer to construct an air rights development over Hynes Station and the MassPike I-90 at the northeast corner of Boylston St. and Massachusetts Ave. The design will provide a renovated and fully accessible...
  3. Charlie_mta

    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    You would have a great future forging checks, LOL. All kidding aside, great work!
  4. Charlie_mta

    Crime in Boston

    I've lived in many different parts of the US, and I grew up in Cambridge. So, I've personally seen that greater Boston is way up there in terms of civility and "classiness", for want of a better word. The appreciation of the finer things in life - the arts, architecture, the intellect - are...
  5. Charlie_mta

    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Is the bus lane just temporary because of the GC Garage demo, air is it permanent?
  6. Charlie_mta

    North Station, Charles River Draw, & Tower A

    In a rational world, NSRL could be built for a lot less than the State's 2018 estimate of $17.7 billion for a 4-track tunnel under the Central Artery tunnel at
  7. Charlie_mta

    North Station, Charles River Draw, & Tower A

    NSRL will be in the many, many $ billions. The cost of the bridges and any SS upgrades are almost just a rounding error in the cost of NSRL. They are insignificant,
  8. Charlie_mta

    A city without expressways, or with expressways

    I can see both sides to this. The freeways/expressways are congested, pollute the air, divide communities, use up a lot of acreage, and have tended to be placed in disadvantaged communities rather than wealthy ones. So, what to do to mitigate all this? Outright elimination of the...
  9. Charlie_mta

    Bulfinch Crossing East Parcel | Congress Street | West End

    Painfully slow demolition of the garage. It almost seems like a scam; is it really being demolished or not? Of course it is, but it sure is weird in its slowness,
  10. Charlie_mta

    A city without expressways, or with expressways

    Here's an interesting proposal by a California architectural firm to convert Los Angeles' freeways to greenway, transit and trail corridors. It's certainly applicable to any metro area in the US:
  11. Charlie_mta

    "Dirty Old Boston"

    Boston always had a leg-up with its world-class colleges and hospitals, eclipsing Philly and Baltimore today and in the 1950s and 60s. Boston has had good bones that way all through the 20th century. The question I'll always have is: could Boston have pulled through the doldrums of the...
  12. Charlie_mta

    "Dirty Old Boston"

    The elevated Central Artery was built out of desperation, as were the urban renewal projects that followed it a decade later. The political and business leaders of Boston in the 1950s were greatly concerned that post-1930's depression, post-WW II Boston was being sidelined by white flight to...
  13. Charlie_mta

    "Dirty Old Boston"

    It looks dirty in the grainy b/w photo, but in reality it was actually pretty nice.
  14. Charlie_mta

    Encore Boston Harbor Casino | 1 Broadway | Everett

    A Green Line branch from Lechmere to Everett via Sullivan alongside the CR line needs to be built to handle this kind of traffic. It would follow the Urban Ring route discussed many times on AB.
  15. Charlie_mta

    MBTA Red Line / Blue Line Connector

    Not necessary to dig under the Red Line where the GJ railroad crosses Main Street. The Blue Line could be tunneled under the Charles on the north side of the Longfellow Bridge, and then dip under the Red Line where the Red Line is still on the surface of Main Street near the western end of...
  16. Charlie_mta

    MBTA Red Line / Blue Line Connector

    It would be tight, but I think a future Riverbank extension is still doable. The red lines (by me) represent the tunnels that would be cut-and-cover in the future for the Riverbank extension. In any case, any Red-Blue connector design should be made to include future stubs to the Riverbank...
  17. Charlie_mta

    Visiting Boston - what arch & U/C spots to see

    The Cambridge Crossing development (aka NorthPoint) and the new GLX viaduct at Lechmere Square are pretty cool.
  18. Charlie_mta

    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    ^ Reminds me of Futurama by Norman Bel Geddes (NYC Worlds Fair, 1939):
  19. Charlie_mta

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    It's kind of a sloppy map in that it shows alternative routes that aren't clearly marked as alternatives. The Stuart St subway is an alternative, so that's why the Copley junction isn't shown as being abandoned,
  20. Charlie_mta

    MBTA Bus & BRT

    I hear you about the Silver Line to Roxbury. That absolutely should have been LRV, and it easily could have been if the political will had been there to pull it off. The fact that it ended up as a half-assed version of a BRT route instead of LRV is because, in my opinion, it passes through a...