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  1. kz1000ps

    Random Real Estate Pics

    I think I'll be accumulating a lot of shots like this going forward and no existing thread really seems appropriate for these so I'll make this my dumping spot for these kind of shots. FYI I'm one of the thousands/millions of people that switched careers amidst the pandemic and now I'm a...
  2. kz1000ps

    Design a better Grand Theft Auto: Boston

    Vanshnookenraggen brought this to my attention via Reddit
  3. kz1000ps

    kz does San Diego and LA

    The lovely girlfriend and I went on our first vacation since 2019, hooray! I've spent about two months out in Southern California over the years and I always have a good time out there, plus the lady has a best friend out there but has never been, so it became a no brainer. There were many...
  4. kz1000ps

    Best Cafes of Boston

    So I moved back up into the area and I'm wondering if someone could recommend some good cafes in the city? Doesn't really matter what neighborhood, anywhere in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville would be greatly appreciated. So I'm definitely a coffee snob and don't mind paying more for a great...
  5. kz1000ps

    Landscapes and skylines: the Continental USA in ~100 pictures

    I've posted these elsewhere and meant to share them here but apparently I never did? These are from a summer tour my rock band did in 2016 that spanned 48 shows in 30 states (plus Toronto) and had us driving through nearly all of the continental 48 states. It was a dizzying and highly positive...
  6. kz1000ps

    kz's Wanderings Around Greater Boston

    So fate has brought me into the life of a girl who lives near Hanscom, and we've been doing the long distance thing for over three years by now (fun!). I decamped to her place back at the beginning of April given where the situation in NYC vis a vis COVID-19 was at, and have been living a very...
  7. kz1000ps

    Some North Shore Shots

    So my girl lives in the Lexington area and my mother is from Beverly, soooo the gf and I end up heading to the North Shore a good amount. These are from Sunday, that day where it hit almost 70 degrees. We started in Marblehead and then wandered up to Lynch Park in Beverly, taking care to steer...
  8. kz1000ps

    Brattleboro, VT -- Peak Foliage Edition

    Hellooooo to all those who remember who the hell I am. I'm still bopping around New England here and there, just not at the rate I used to :poop: Anywho, on Sunday my lady and I made a day trip up to my childhood hometown (lived there from ages 1-7) of Brattleboro, Vermont, a town that always...
  9. kz1000ps

    Carmel, California -- aka Hobbiton USA

    I just had the good fortune to be able to stay five nights in beautiful Carmel, CA this past week, which by any and all accounts is a different planet from anywhere else on well... the planet. Or at he very least in the USA. Not only did I get to enjoy the place, the home I stayed at is by far...
  10. kz1000ps

    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part VIII (2015)

    How is it February 10th and nobody has started up a POTD thread yet???????? Well I don't have any new photos to share, but in light of this deluge of snow I thought back to the last time we had snow on top of snow on top of snow, which was right about four years ago, late January-early February...
  11. kz1000ps

    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part VII (2014)

    Back around 1 pm...
  12. kz1000ps

    Day Trip to Brattleboro, VT

    So I Made a little trip up to Brattleboro during one of those rainy days last week. I lived here from my earliest memories on up to age eight and it's always nice to go back and see what long-buried childhood memories I can dig up; I don't do it nearly enough. Immediately as we got off I-91 we...
  13. kz1000ps

    Renovations to BPL's Johnson Wing | Back Bay

    Whoa.....did not see this one coming!
  14. kz1000ps

    Boston Marathon Bombings Thread

    Fuck...I hope everyone and their friends and families are safe.
  15. kz1000ps

    It's Official: Downtowns Are Booming

    From The Atlantic Cities
  16. kz1000ps

    kz's random cities pics

    As y'all may or may not be aware of, I'm in a band and we're out doing a lot of touring right now. I'm accumulating tons and tons of pictures and figure this would be a good way to share some of the random shit I've been seeing. (Oh and hey--the Phoenix has my band, Gentlemen Hall, as a...
  17. kz1000ps

    Any graphic designers, web designers or photo editors here?

    Any graphic designers, website designers or photo editors here? Hey guys, my band is working on getting the whole package together for our fall push, and we need people to: 1) edit some photos to get them looking Rolling Stone-worthy 2) work on the graphic design for our upcoming album's...
  18. kz1000ps

    CLEVELAND kinda rocks

    Hey guys, my band and I are out in Cleveland for most of this month recording our first full-length album at a studio on the east side of downtown, where I have access to the rooftop of two of the twenty-something buildings in the down-but-not-out industrial complex known as Tyler Village. It...
  19. kz1000ps

    Boston's very own Supercar--

    Well, sorta. Rapier Automotive is the company, and they take this kit car from Detroit, add a GM smallblock V8, throw a few Rapier (great name, btw) badges on it and then sell it on Ebay for $179,000. It's all very interesting, but these pics killed it for me: Maybe I'm reading into...
  20. kz1000ps

    Suggestions to change ArchBoston

    Since when have we been moving finished projects out of this forum? PS not that anyone asked, but I think the whole new development/existing development demarcation is completely unnecessary.