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    Madrid and Toledo

    imgur album. The Spanish know how to build their cities... unlike us. Also includes a set of images from Madrid Rio, which is the Spanish version of the Big Dig, putting 10 km of highway underground and opening up a massive riverfront park -- with no 'surface artery highway' on top either! I...
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    Tel Aviv-Yafo and Haifa

    See imgur gallery.
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    See imgur gallery. 4-day trip, lots of fun. When I go back I want to do some intercity rides, and a somewhat better bike (mine was a single-speed spare with barely working backpedal brakes, and an uncomfortable saddle).
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    Munich and Dachau

    I've tried to make things easier by using imgur, but probably failed. Munich and Dachau album.
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    The other Cambridge

    I'm suddenly very interested in the topic of Cambridge: I've just accepted a postdoc for a couple years over there at the University. Alas, that means I will have to leave Boston for a while, from August onwards. Already working on obtaining the visa. I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to...
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    (note: for fun, compare to 2008) From Billy Bishop Airport: The Royal York and some new stuff: Kensington Market: View from the room. Hypertrophic new development. Le Corbusier would probably approve :( Although, there is some street-level stuff, tucked away. The Gardiner...
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    Amsterdam, de Nieuwmarkt urban renewal, 1970s It's labeled "the turning point for Dutch cycling" but actually the video is almost entirely about the fight against urban renewal in a neighborhood of Amsterdam. It's right around the same time period that...
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    Melnea Cass Blvd

    [Can't seem to find a thread about this, so...] City of Boston is publicizing a new meeting on Jan 28th. Quick take: it...
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    Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack This is a very, very interesting move. And surprising. In a good way.
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    Rent or Buy? article and calculator It's neat. I plugged in some sample numbers and arrived at about the same conclusion I did a few months ago: I can get more for renting than buying, currently.
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    Green Line "B" station consolidation meeting

    Commonwealth Avenue Green Line Improvements Public Meeting A consolidation of Green Line Stops is being proposed to enhance service BOSTON — A public meeting outlining a proposal to consolidate four Green Line stops along Commonwealth Avenue will be held on Thursday, October 23 at 6:00 PM...
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    Boston cats

    On the lighter side...
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    Chicago, Evanston

    Good start to the trip, whisking past this giant mess in comfort and speed, while also proving my point about induced demand: Hello Chicago. A picture with a little of everything: Divvy Bikes, puffered bike lane, and a restaurant with BIG PIZZA: Streeterville: Lincoln Park...
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    Oakland, Berkeley, SF

    Oakland city center 12th street to 19th street These bike racks aren't going anywhere. Oaksterdam! BART station Macarthur in the median of a massive highway interchange. Quite typical, although this station is special. Timed transfers! The fact that any American rail operator is...
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    Green Line Public Meeting May 28th
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    I-90 Interchange Improvement Project & West Station | Allston

    (forking a new thread) Upcoming public meeting: April 10, 6:30pm Jackson Mann Community Center Auditorium, 500 Cambridge Street, Allston
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    Public Space Invitational What do you think?
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    Cities in Motion 2: Boston

    This is a very early version but I figure I might as well put it out there for people to enjoy: a map of Boston (version 0.5-alpha). If you have the game, have fun. If not, well I see that it's on sale this week on Steam for half-price. ;) (gallery) The main arterial, highway and rail...
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    Zoning and segregation

    Haven't seen any discussion about a new paper from a Harvard researcher: The Impact of Land Use Regulation on Racial Segregation: Evidence from Massachusetts Zoning Borders Plus this 2009 paper from Princeton. There's...
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    Washington, D.C.

    After two trips there this year I have some thoughts... There seems to be a lot of development around Metro stations. I know there's a height limit but even within that, you see brand new buildings that are 10 stories tall easily. A lot of the newer blocks seem quiet, or not filled out yet, for...