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    Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment | Charlestown

    This looks like a big project to redevelop very dated public housing into a large mixed income, mixed use community in Charlestown. Take a look at the DPIR. What do you think?
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    Hong Kong Shopping Malls

    Excellent article about the success of Hong Kong malls. Unlike (most of) their American counterparts, they are located on top of transit and are mixed use, including housing and civic spaces rather than just retail...
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    892 River Street, Hyde Park

    Here's a real gem. Starting ripping away! link
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    Lancaster Boston | 1501 Commonwealth Ave | Brighton
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    Boston's new student occupancy ordinance

    Is it unconstitutional?
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    Two Things People Hate: Density and Sprawl

    This piece couldn't ring more true for Boston...
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    Max Pak Development

    This is the redevelopment of an industrial site in Somerville, in an existing residential neighborhood of primarily two-family houses, adjacent to the future Community Path Extension and planned Lowell St stop of the Green Line Extension, scheduled to open in 2012. Here are the plans...
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    Crime, disinvestment, and low density

    I've been reading a very interesting book called Cities in Full, which talks about what makes cities work and what doesn't, focusing on American cities. One thing it talks about is the "gray zone" of a city, typically areas that are not of sufficient density to survive well in the city. One...
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    Charlesview Redevelopment | Western Ave | Allston

    The PNF for the Charlesview Redevelopment on Western Ave has been published, and is available at the BRA's website: Most importantly, it contains a site plan and number of renderings of the...