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    Union Square Somerville Infill and Small Developments

    I haven't seen any recent debate on Somerville's Union Square redevelopment, so I figured I'd put together some information for discussion. First, with the upcoming Green Line Extension, Union Square is the only area gaining two stations: Union Square/Inman Square and Washington St/Brickbottom...
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    Commercial passenger service resumes at Worcester Airport

    So far it's only to Florida & only JetBlue, but ORH has resumed commercial passenger service.
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    Broadway St Somerville Naked Intersection Anyone know what the status is of the shared space at Magoun Square? Somerville by Design was supposed to release plans a while ago, but I see nothing?
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    Magoun Square finally getting a new sign
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    1154-1164 Broadway | Teele Square | Somerville

    Anyone know what the status of this parcel is? Current photo: