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    Henry Cobb dies at 93
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    I. M. Pei dies at 102

    From the Globe ...
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    Uber Safety

    Yet another Uber-driving rapist. Time to hold these characters to the same standards as cab and livery drivers.
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    Taj renovation

    Most of the work is being performed on the inside however they're moving the main entry around to Newbury. Seems like a dramatic improvement over the excessively wide sidewalk.
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    Kayvon Edson

    Criminal Act or Performance Art? Tue, Apr 15 - 11:09 pm EDT | 59 mins ago by Stephen Kersey A 25-year-old fashion student named Kayvon Edson has been arrested after he placed two suspicious backpacks near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Authorities were initially worried that the bags...
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    archBoston Presidential Poll 2012

    It's that time again, archBoston Presidential Poll 2012. Let's see how predictable we can all be.
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    Mayor Kevin Hagan White, 82

    Kevin Hagan White, a political figure who helped transform Boston into a world-class city during 16 often turbulent years as mayor, died at 7 tonight in his Beacon Hill home, according to a statement from his family . He was 82 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease about a decade ago...
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    Occupy Wall St/Boston

    Well, that's a feather in our cap! Seriously, I can't wait to see those fleabag hippies tomorrow. It's shaping up to be the biggest freakshow in town since the 2004 DNC(too bad they can't put them all in a cage like back then).
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    Special Senate Election - Final

    With the final election coming up in about a week and a half and the only recent poll showing a closer race than anyone expected, I thought I'd throw the answer out here. Who will you be voting for January 19?
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    Death of a neighborhood bar

    Yes, another one has bitten the dust. This time, it was my own. At about 6pm this evening I discovered my favorite local bar has closed. The Last Drop is no more. It is under renovation and will be reopened in the coming weeks as the terribly unoriginal Corner Tavern, serving lunch and...
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    Oklahoma City to get 925' tower Architect is Pickard Chilton of New Haven
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    Fire Today at One Beacon

    It doesn't appear to have been anything major, just a small electrical fire on the 12th floor, however two people were injured and taken to MGH and one poor fellow lost his dignity and his pants as you will see on the globe's site. I took a walk by here around 12:50 after lunch and it looked...
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    Bentley to Boston

    Bentley Motors moving US HQ to Boston from Michigan. Does anyone know where the plan to set up shop?
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    Deval Patrick's Performance

    I just want to get people's opinions on Gov. Patrick's performance thus far. What are you pleased with, what are you not pleased with?
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    Bank of Boston-Buenos Aires/Sao Paulo

    I was just looking through some emporis images from South America and came across these two buildings: Obviously Bank of Boston had a long standing...
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    The Year in Numbers from The Warren Group

    This was released today, no shortage of ugly trends forming.
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    ideas for fixing Boston

    from The Boston Foundation:
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    Four Seasons, Heritage on the Garden

    Can anyone tell me what was previously on these two sites? Also, somewhere I had read that the Park Plaza had planned something for the site of the Heritage, if anyone knows anything on that, it would be great.