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    "The Garage" | 36 JFK Street | Harvard Square | Cambridge

    So it’s being reshaped for labs by dropping square footage, but increasing the height?
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    Volpe Transportation Center Development | Kendall Sq | Cambridge

    It’s probably not the anti-vaccination crowd. It’s more likely to be fears of nation state espionage regarding production data or processes.
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    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    Have they VE’d the arches on the train platforms?
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    Boynton Gateway | 495 Columbia Street | Somerville

    The Webster condos are a relatively recent addition to the neighborhood. They got in just before the Great Recession. Too bad it couldn’t have been looped into the whole Boylston Yards project area. Setting the boundary mid-block leads to awkward edge issues like this.
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    BU Development Thread

    Interesting program requirements that it have a sally port and secured beds and surgical facilities for Department of Corrections patients.
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    MIT East Campus - Kendall Square Gateway | Cambridge

    That temporary head house is better constructed than some permanent ones.
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    Blue Line extension to Lynn

    D’oh…. We raced with our responses.
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    Blue Line extension to Lynn

    I don’t think it’s subject to rights from adverse possession. Instead, the T should be able to clear anything sitting on their property.
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    Blue Line extension to Lynn

    The curves look too sharp on your sketch, but it is a nice pitch otherwise.
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    Watertown Mall Redevelopment | 550 Arsenal Street | Watertown

    The green space pulling away from the street is sad for the stumpy buildings in this plan. Height is necessary in this area, but density is. Keeping the Target as-is reminds me of the epic fit the town had when Walmart wanted to build along Arsenal.
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    Harvard Club of Boston Redevelopment | 415 Newbury Street | Back Bay

    I am amused by the grassy embankment where Parcel 12 is going in.
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    Watertown Mall Redevelopment | 550 Arsenal Street | Watertown

    It’s a shame they couldn’t replace the Target parking with structured parking and something along Arsenal to continue the street wall.
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    Somerville High School Renovation & Expansion | 81 Highland Ave | Somerville

    Right on schedule, the excavators and folks in bunny suits returned around New Year’s to remove more fill. This time they have brought Hub Foundation to install a shotcrete retaining wall beneath the old high school building.
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    The Abbot Building | 1-30 Brattle St | Harvard Square | Cambridge

    The Abbott may yet get a Dewey, Cheatham & Howe roof sign…
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    Kenmore Square North (WHOOP) | 533-541 Commonwealth Ave | Fenway

    The developer was caught using a cheaper plastic material than the approved design specified, and the colors were more garish than the renders showed. Ultimately, Mayor Menino forced them to spend 1.9 million to replace the plastic with cast stone, repaint, and fix up some of the dormer details.
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    Hotel Buckminster Renovation | Brookline Ave & Beacon St | Kenmore Square (Fenway)

    Looks like this year’s D*ck Horse Pub*ic House
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    Mission Hill Infill and Small Developments

    Quickly searching the registry of deeds, it appears to be circa 1989.
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    15 McGrath Somervillle

    I’m expecting pieces of the bridge to fall on the rail lines and shut down the Fitchburg and GLX for a spell just after it opens.
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    Boynton Yards | 101-153 South Street | Somerville

    Building 5 is new. They also have added the Taza building (building 4), but that is only going to be upgrades to the building systems for non-lab uses.
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    Boynton Gateway | 495 Columbia Street | Somerville

    This one was shortened because the high rise would generate too much wind at street level.