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  1. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    I see much of this stuff going on but didn't really know anything about it. Where do you get all this info? BTW The bridge you were talking about between manch and that just being rebuilt to handle pedestrians or is there a new bridge that I don't know about?
  2. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    Anyone know what is happening on elm st near Paul's Executive Auto?
  3. M. Brown

    Official 2012 city population estimates released.

    Manchester finally cracks 110k at 110,209. Portland is also up at 66,214. Boston is at 636,479.
  4. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    I actually have two classes in the Pandora building right now. Almost done with my B.S. Computer Information Systems. Its pretty sweet.
  5. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    I hope another big business starts using the building soon. It looks like the city is doing poorly when there is a blank sign on one of its prominent buildings.
  6. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    Does anyone know what happened to the BoA HQ on Elm street?
  7. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    Awesome. I drive downtown quite often, and you can sense that downtown is more lively and vibrant. During work hours there are lots of pedestrians, and on weekend nights there are lots of people going to the clubs. Thumbs up for Manchester.
  8. M. Brown

    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    I'm not that familiar with everything that is going up in Boston, but I drove down today and noticed something going up next to the TD Garden as soon as you go below ground on 93. Does anyone know what this is?
  9. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    I like this development. It good the that area IMO. Also after seeing the Market Basket going up on Elm st, I have to say that it looks like its fits in nicely to its surroundings. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it looks good and is closer to the Elm St. than I thought it would be...
  10. M. Brown

    Windham/Salem Exit 3 on 93

    The airport is closer to rte 3.
  11. M. Brown


    I don't know if you guys have heard of this site but its just amazing. Its 3d maps by Nokia and they have the most amazing map aerial software I've seen. It looks pretty much real life and they have Boston as one of their first cities to look at. They have some other big names too. Check it...
  12. M. Brown

    75mph Speed Limit for northern Maine. How do you guys feel about that? I think the NH and VT should do the same for the northern parts.
  13. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    Nice views. That's the first time I have seen actual plans or a rendering of the site.
  14. M. Brown

    Manchester Infill & Small Developments

    The new Police department seems to be going along at a brisk pace.
  15. M. Brown

    Eastern Waterfront

    I'd go.
  16. M. Brown

    Lincoln Square, Portland's tallest proposed building

    What a shame. What are the chances of the newer proposal getting built or is it completely dead?
  17. M. Brown

    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    I went up to Portland on Friday with some family and the Intermed building next the the freeway looks great. That whole area looks nice; bayside is it? Is there any more development scheduled for this area? BTW my folks LOVED Portland. Portland is proof that city proper population doesn't...