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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    I am continually irked by the way those pylons turn their back to State Street. The Greenway's intersection with State Street should be a major node, and it's not in any way celebrated. More Suburban fat-headed car-brained urban design: it's vital that a city make sense on foot, and the Greenway...
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    Copley Place Expansion and Tower | Back Bay

    Re: Copley Place plan calls for condo tower Hmmmm... Kind of like carbon trading?
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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    You know what I meant.
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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    The Commonwealth mall is a single continuous design, even more so in its heyday, when it connected to Charles Gate. The Greenway's first failing was the decision to break it up in to different designs, separated by forbidding ramps and other barriers. You can't walk the length of it without...
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    Cambridge Crossing (NorthPoint) | East Cambridge/Charlestown | Cambridge/Boston

    Re: NorthPoint Cambridge (The one that was train yards, the big plan.) Nice pictures, kz, but all I can think is "Move along folks, nothing to see here, move along now..." There really isn't much to go on for an architecture & urbanism buff like myself. Just perfectly inoffensive and anonymous...
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    Silver Line - Phase III / BRT in Boston

    Re: Madison Seaport Hotel I was amazed the first time I saw the Courthouse Silver Line stop. It's unbelievably extravagant for what it is.
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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    I've heard (from a structural engineer) that the lack of concrete in Boston is an issue with the trades - if you want to build something, they want to do it with steel. As for these pavilions, they will be interesting when it rains. I'd rather there were real programming on the greenway. I'd...
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    Fan Pier Developments | Seaport

    The best case scenario under the current master plan is Boston's version of Battery Park City. BPC seems to be the paradigm for these kind of grey/brownfield developments all across English-Speaking North America: Big, fat towers, one for each block; throw some "green space" in to please the public.
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    Hall of Fame (CHOOSE 3)

    originalism... You may have coined a term. I like it. I looked it up, and the only hits are related to U.S. constitutional law.
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    Best Photo Vote (CHOOSE 3)

    Congratulations all, nice work. Here's to pictures not taken from cars on camera phones!
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    Hall of Fame (CHOOSE 3)

    By your standards, what work of "19th century historicism" could possibly warrant your consideration? These are two of the most beautiful buildings of the 19th century anywhere in America. Actually, when you look back at architectural history, both buildings were very innovative, but in a 19th...
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    Worst Proposed Development

    The Urban Ring stands head and shoulders above the rest in this category. Total clusterf**k.
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    Hall of Shame (CHOOSE 3)

    I voted 1, 3 & 12. 1-2-3 has simply got to go. The Green Line, especially the B-line, is a crying disgrace, all the worse because I have this nagging sense that it could be vastly improved with some better management and a minimum of additional resources. It will be interesting to see how...
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    Emerson College's Paramount Center

    I'll leave the first two alone. As for the last: If you look closely, you'll see it's a time-lapse photo. You can see the steak of taillights and blurs of people in the doorways. Although, judging from the vintage of the automobiles, it might be fair to say that the theater district was...
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    Waterside Place 1A | 505 Congress Street | Seaport

    Re: Waterside Place Sigh. Really? I agree with your last paragraph, but as for the rest of it... 1)Hight limits are no excuse. 2) You're establishing false extremes when you talk about either "boring" or "starchitect." 3) I will not go out of my way to find you examples of good contemporary...
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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    The Rose Kennedy Greenway: an abstraction delivered Here's a link to a good James Howard Kunstler article from 2001. Though he's not writing about the Big Dig here, he's fantastic at putting these kind of frustrations -- frustrations about the lack of imagination in american urban design --...
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    A survey about modern architecture

    Results I finally got around to uploading some of the data from the survey. FYI: I broke down the respondents in to four groups based on their answer to the question about their relationship to the architecture profession. In the data, it's shortened to "others" for those who said they were...
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    A survey about modern architecture

    Thanks everybody for your interest. The survey is now closed. I'll be posting results some time in the next few weeks.
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    A survey about modern architecture

    I realize it's a bit long. I've changed the settings so that you can leave and come back as long as you're at the same computer. The image sizes is something I'll look in to when I have the time. Thanks for the feedback.