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  1. Arlington

    Prospect St (Cambridge - Somerville) "Too Small"

    What do you do with a street like Prospect St in Cambridge given: 1) It connects major transit hubs (Central Sq and Union Square) 2) It connects employment centers believed to have growth potential 3) It is 3 lanes wide (currently 1 parking lane & 2 travel lanes) 4) It doesn't have a natural...
  2. Arlington

    Economic & Demographic Trends: Maine & Portland

    It is really great to have such an active Portland / Greater Maine forum! How do positive, upbeat, active project images "fit with" the kinda downbeat underlying 2016 to 2026 forecast Maine will loose 10% of its "under 19" population by 2016 to 2026 Maine will lose 6% of its working age...
  3. Arlington

    MBTA "Transformation" (Green Line, Red Line, & Orange Line Transformation Projects)

    I figure the following multi-year, committed, multi-billion projects are worth a collective thread: GLT Green Line Transformation ( RLT Red Line Transformation ( OLT...
  4. Arlington

    Hartford CT

    The I-84* vaiduct can't last, but does it need to be there at all? The Downtown Highway That Could Drive Hartford’s Comeback I think the solution is Urban boulevards (downtown) and a toll road an HSR (HFD-PVD on the original/unused/preserved I 84 alignment)so that the Acela can run a fast...
  5. Arlington

    Northeast Multi-state gas (carbon) tax

    I am starting this thread is because we don't seem to be discussing the proposed Northeast regional gas tax. Under different scenarios it would be a tax of $.05 to $0.17 a gallon, and devoted to lowering the carbon of our transportation. Projects typically discussed include various big ticket...
  6. Arlington

    State Capital: Government Center vs Distributed Offices

    Selling off the Hurley got me thinking: Does Massachusetts need an Administrative Capital that isn't at Government Center? Beacon Hill has the Capitol--the head building where the seat & offices of most of its Constitutional leadership "sits" Boston is the state Capital -- the head city and...
  7. Arlington

    Electric Transmission: Woburn to Mystic

    Burying a big new intra-regional transmission line under the streets between Worburn (big station) and near the Mystic/Everett generation-distribution (across from Casino) MYSTIC TO WOBURN LINE PROJECT To improve reliability and address growing need for electricity identified by ISO-NE, New...
  8. Arlington

    Worcester Kelley Square

    Anyone who has both driven Kelley Square in Worcester and watched Poyton Regenerated will like this thread: Kelley Square: Poynton, Cheshire, UK Kelley Square Redesign project "Peanut" / "squashed rotary" project
  9. Arlington

    Chelsea Creek Rails-to-Tollway

    I didn't know this was so far along-and invitation to bids was issued June 21 (Streetsblog PDF) Personally, I think it is a good idea...gets a SL1A/Busway built (and a parallel bike path) in exchange for letting private parties build a tollway. Why Is the T Trying to Turn an East Boston Rail...
  10. Arlington


    This is a mind-blowing building. You'd think it was a 1980s Philip Johnson / ATT/Sony Chippendale Top kinda stuff. I'll surprise you downthread for its year of construction (or you can share if you find it and just can't wait) Front View Clock Tower ( Interior (check out the fixtures)
  11. Arlington

    Fenway - Longwood Transportation

    Fenway and Longwood probably deserve their own thread, and I'd proposed putting them together since: 1) They are connected, and the developing urban canyon along Brookline Ave sort of belongs to both 2) They are amply served by the Green Line (with an assist by Yawkey) but the rail doesn't...
  12. Arlington

    Cost of Big Infrastructure Boston, US, NYC, & Global

    This is a thread in which I'd like to discuss 1) Why the global average costs are what they are 2) Why US projects cost more than the global average 3) Why the GLX almost got too expensive and how it was reigned back 4) How the Big Dig got too expensive and was not reigned back 5) Why NYC...
  13. Arlington

    Natural Gas (LNG, Pipelines, & Distribution)

    There should be lots to talk about in a thread devoted to Natural Gas infrastructure. A quick history: Coal gasification, to create manufactured gas or "city gas" for lighting dates to the early 1800s. The original application was lighting (from an open flame). By the late 1800s, though...
  14. Arlington

    Shoe Hub: Boston's role in the

    It seems to me, based on their real estate, that Boston's shoe companies are experiencing something of a revival. What do you think? New Balance: a whole new urban neighborhood Converse: a new North End Reebok/Adidas: looking for downtown space to replace Canton? Wolverine Worldwide: new...
  15. Arlington

    Mystic Water Works | Mystic Valley Parkway | Somerville

    Wikipedia says the Mystic Water Works belongs to the City of Somerville. What are they doing with it? Apparently it is a national register building with none of its original waterworks guts. Seems crazy to let it just sit there. Photo Credit Wiki Commons user Magicpiano Here between Capen St...
  16. Arlington

    Kolko: Urbanites = top 40%, <30, College, no kids, white

    Check out the blog post that's full of demographic charts on who is "urbanizing": Urban Revival? Not For Most Americans Kolko argues it is basically limited to: 20 to 30 year olds who have graduated from college without school-age children (childless or toddler) earning in the top 40% are...
  17. Arlington

    Lexington Center Streetscape Project

    Speaking of the joys of autopia, Lexington seems to have a safety and throughput problem that it will solve, in part, with curb extensions, sidewalk reconstruction, and traffic calming.
  18. Arlington

    Accelerated Bridge Repair (ends in 2016?)

    Mass' own Accelerated Bridge Repair program will end in 2016, after a run of 8 years, having rebuilt ~200 bridges statewide, such as replaced all the bridges on I-93 North and little stuff, and rebuilt the Longfellow. What's next? Seems to me that we should raise the gas tax and "keep going"...
  19. Arlington

    Street Signs and Helping People Navigate

    "All road signs are written by people who already know where they are going and how they would get there. The roadsign-maker's challenge is to write what they would want to know (as a visitor) as if they didn't know what they know (as a native). Boston's bad street signs reflect either a...
  20. Arlington

    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Here's an MBTA thread devoted to the ups and downs of the buses. I'm going to start with the provocative point: in any system that hasn't been modified in a while, there are likely to be lots of underserved lines, and, at the same time, over served lines. This seems particularly true of bus...