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    Albuquerque NM

    So i was looking for places to Mt. Bike near Albuquerque NM. I may be visiting there this summer. Anyways, I noticed the roads, it is insane. It looks as if the roads are built for future expansion of houses!? Roads here
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    Cool Mall Cop!

    Youtube Video of Mall cop Sorry if anyone else posted, I do not follow the General thread.
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    Russia building Arctic city This is cool. I was thinking about it, so then I looked it up, and Russia is on top of it. I think this is where they are looking to build it:,141.569824&spn=2.318982,16.907959&t=h&z=7
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    Salem, NH

    All the rail road ties along Rt. 28 down neat Exit 1 and Best Buy where dug up? Anyone know why. I can't find out if it is simply to take the wood, or if they are moving forward with any bike path plans.
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    What is there to do in Boston for no money?

    I am bored, what is there to do in Boston for free. Up for new things. Wouldn't mind spending money on the T or anything else small. But what is there to do for no money in Boston? I would like to go there tonight (Saturday.)
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    Biking in New Hampshire

    OK, so I am not a huge, biker, but I do bike more than most. Primarily casually on trails and paths and stuff. Not really into biking along roads but I want to get a bike for that. I decided to make a post on here as my want to talk about biking doesn't really fit elsewhere yet. Anyways a...
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    Public Transit from Durham - Manchester

    Anyone know of any transit from Durham NH that will get one to Manchester or near? Or at least any way to look it up? I am having trouble finding any info on this. Probably because it is non existent (which seems bad to me.) It would save me a trip from driving all the way to Durham to pick up...
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    Haverhill MA

    I was in Haverhill MA and noticed a new parking garage. It has been being worked on for a long time, I had just never noticed it before. It is next to teh MBTA station in Haverhill. They have this on the cities site But I can not find...
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    Boston on Bing Bings pic for today is Boston. I did not search to see if this was posted elsewhere yet.
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    Cool 2D 3D holograph architectual "drawing"
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    Why are you an urban minded individual.

    I am curious as to what makes people here urban minded. Choose as many that fits your reasons.
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    vertical underground parking

    First I post about vertical farming, now parking... I like this concept. price is probably a lot, but it would be interesting to see it compared price wise to regular underground parking garage as standard underground garages are extremely expensive...
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    How do I find out a population within a radius?

    How do I find out a population within a radius? I am looking to get the population within a 60 mile radius in NH here. How should I go about getting this info?
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    Las Vegas under ground living

    Not sure if anything about this was ever posted, but it sure is interesting. Enjoy.
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    Vertical farming is cool stuff I would like to see one of these things actually in use. Concept is cool. Major towns and cities should have these vs. farms in the middle of nowhere.
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    Canobie is gettin a new coaster

    IMO this coaster is perfect. Good size and appropriately themed. I am very excited as I love a good coaster ride.
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    Under Estimating Americans Weight!!5783937/americas-expanding-girth-threatens-vital-transportation-systems This is both funny, sad, and I guess urban development and planning related, kinda.
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    RR Station in Manchester

    So I just came across this picture Apparently a private residence now, it is old railroad station. No idea where it is. And this picture Which i assume is the old main station. I think it must be gone now because I would have no clue where it is then. But I was thinking, if rail was brought...
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    Moving beyond the automobile.

    This site is cool, and living in New England it plays a part in our community development. Street Films As a kid, I would always think down upon the city, a smog ridden place with weird smells and always too crowded. But as I grow older I find myself being more intrigued with them, less so...
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    ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD | OFFICIAL YOUTUBE RELEASE | 2011 This is a great video. I see many parts of it feeling a bit bias, however I think it is still very beneficial to watch and learn things.