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  1. Shepard

    New aB logo?

    Not looking to step on anyone's toes here, and in fact, I love the current logo - so major kudos to whichever of you came up with that. But, it's been in place for at least 8 years (when I joined the forum) and probably goes back well before then as well. What do people think, is it time for a...
  2. Shepard

    Why is Chicago so affordable?

    This question really bothers me, because I feel there are a lot of answers that are given - but none are really satisfactory. It's not that Chicago is "a little" more affordable than the large cities on the coasts, including Boston. It's qualitatively different. Take a look at Zillow: large...
  3. Shepard

    Brooklyn (Greater Greater N.E.)

    1066' skyscraper proposed for downtown Brooklyn: And also, general Brooklyn thread. I know many of you have ties there.
  4. Shepard

    Andover Newton Theological Seminary Redevelopment | Newton

    Andover Newton Theological Seminary is winding down operations and planning to move. For those who haven't been up there, it's a small, beautiful campus - a bit like a mini-Harvard atop a large hill, literally five minute's walk from Newton Centre T stop. It also has the Wilson Chapel, a great...
  5. Shepard

    Circle Cinema Redevelopment | Cleveland Circle | Brighton

    Interestingly, we have no actual development thread here - a bunch of BRA/community meeting threads and Design a Better Boston Thread are all we have so far. So now that this seems to be moving from BRA approval last night... A new interesting tidbit - from Uhub...
  6. Shepard

    Massport Logan/Back Bay Shuttle
  7. Shepard

    Boston Nightlife

    Thought it would be worthwhile getting a thread up on this topic, if only so that I can share a bit of a rant. Haven't been out until closing time in quite a while, probably since I'm getting up there in my years (so it goes). But on Saturday night I had some great beers at Stoddard's on Temple...
  8. Shepard

    NYC Architecture and Development

    NYC development projects get mentioned and discussed time and again here - so I hope it will be useful to create a dedicated thread. To start off, here's a great op-ed in today's NYT on the architectural, development and transportation priorities for the next mayor...
  9. Shepard

    "Pavement Plaza" locations

    I'd like to get a list going of all places where the city could implement a quick and easy (if such a thing is possible) "Pavements to Plazas" improvement. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, this refers to new pedestrian spaces created out of roadway or parking lots using little more...
  10. Shepard

    "Boston vs Chicago" (Chicago Tribune)

    Boston vs. Chicago; This Time in Architecture Blair Kamin July 19, 2013,0,6236221.story Now that I'm viewing Chicago through the lens of Boston, you see, Chicago simultaneously appears familiar and strange. The...
  11. Shepard

    Harbor Islands

    With the exception of George's Island, these all seem really boring. Are parks and homeless shelters really the best use for these places?
  12. Shepard

    Cape Cod Rail, Bridges and Highways
  13. Shepard

    Mass Turnpike / Bowker Overpass study The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is conducting the Massachusetts Turnpike - Boston Ramps Study. The Back Bay, Longwood Medical Area, Fenway, and Seaport District neighborhoods are important economic engines within the city of Boston. Growth...
  14. Shepard

    Los Angeles development

    From today's New York times - Hollywood looking to add 48-story towers, add 250,000 new residents... And the NIMBYS seem to be overpowered.
  15. Shepard

    Jobs and Careers

    I thought I'd start a thread first to seek some advice, but second in case there's other questions that others would want to ask - this would be a good place and I don't think we have something similar on the forum. -- I've been working in management and strategy consulting for over 6 years...
  16. Shepard

    Harbor Islands Development

    As is probably obvious, this is my proposal to develop a part of Long Island (leaving the majority as nature reserve).
  17. Shepard

    Who just felt the Earth shake?

    I did... whoa.
  18. Shepard

    Seattle's Big Dig

    Looks like Seattle is going through with their own central artery tunnel project - the Alaskan Way Viaduct - even despite the mayor's objections. I don't know too much about the project and would be interested to hear informed views on how this differs substantially from our Big Dig. And, how...
  19. Shepard

    Moscow to Double in Size

    Maybe someone here who knows Moscow fairly well can comment on this? --- Moscow to double in geographical size to ease overcrowding Russia reveals plan for capital to absorb woodland and holiday towns but critics...
  20. Shepard

    Agave (Austin, TX)

    I'm interested to know what the prevailing opinions are about this modern cul-de-sac community going up in Austin... A more candid look from streetview...