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  1. EdMc

    A Bite of the Big Apple: Hudson Yards, World Trade Center, Rockefeller Center

    A large part of taking pictures of New York City is celebrating architecture. Hudson Yards From the High Line, parallel to the Hudson River, tracks leading to Penn Station Number 7 subway station for Hudson Yards 30 Hudson Yards at 10th Avenue and W 33rd St, Kohn Pedersen Fox...
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    The Seattle Scene

    The Seattle Scene At the Westlake retail district in Seattle. Westlake Park Amazon’s headquarter’s buildings are rectangular, but, rectangular doesn’t have to be boring. Adding surface patterns and colors can make them more interesting and attractive. The Amazon Spheres, opened...
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    Two Kansas City Icons: Liberty Memorial, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

    Liberty Memorial Dedicated in 1921. Recognized by Congress as the "National World War I Museum and Memorial" TripAdvisor's #1 attraction in Kansas City No. 5 Ranked Museum in the U.S. - Yelp - You've heard of Emmy, Tony, Oscar and Grammy? This location receives my Gus Award...
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    Boston Nightwalks

    Boston Nightwalks: A nod to American artist Edward Hopper’s, “Nighthawks”, a 1942 oil on canvas painting. Wikipedia: It has been described as Hopper's best known work[1] and is one of the most recognizable paintings in American art.[2][3] Within months of its completion, it was sold to the Art...
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    Indianapolis, a Bike Haven City

    Indianapolis, A Bike Haven City: Indianapolis is probably best-known for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, but, should also be recognized for its ambitious downtown Cultural Trail. A beautiful bike and pedestrian trail with an eight mile length, I don’t think that this trail takes a back...
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    2.5 Miles of LED Lights

    Check out the Vimeo .... .... and the interesting link, “almost 2.5 miles of LED lights”, embedded in the first paragraph. The Architect’s Newspaper LIGHT SPIRE A closer look at lighting integration on...
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    Boston Urbanism June 2017

    Boston Urbanism June 2017: Women and kids visiting Boston find downtown to be attractive, safe and interesting; a telling situation for any city. South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center site Echelon site, Seaport...
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    A Chicago December

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    Crane Counts

    Anybody aware of the fact that crane counts are being surveyed? The Architect's Newspaper Seattle overtakes New York City and Los Angeles in list ranking construction cranes By ANTONIO PACHECO • October 25, 2016 A recently-released report by construction and building consulting agency Rider...
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    A Boston Kaleidoscope

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    Depression Era Tower Bridge, Sacramento

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    Top 10 Reasons Boston Rocks

    From Biznow Boston, 16 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS MORNING, May 25, 2016 This website has the 10 links below- Top 10 reasons Boston is one of the top cities in the US and the world May 24, 2016 By JLL...
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    Big Upcoming Railroad Projects

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    Snapshot: Milwaukee

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    An Early Affordable House

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    Affordable Kansas City

    Kansas City Business Journal, May 17, 2017 U-Haul released its annual Top 10 U.S. Destination City list, and Kansas City ranked No. 9, based on the number of arriving one-way U-Haul truck rentals in 2016. In a release, Aaron Krueger, the southern Kansas president for U-Haul, credited Kansas...