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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part XIV (2020)

    IMG_0248 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr
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    Boston Medical Center - Institutional Master Plan
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    15 Necco Street | Fort Point

    Alexandria Real Estate unvails new 12 story Lab/Office building proposal to neighborhood per attached BBJ article
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    50 Rogers St | East Cambridge | Cambridge

    50 Rogers by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_2683 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_2684 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_2689 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr
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    1785 Columbus Ave | Roxbury

    1785 Columbus by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_9114 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_9119 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_9116 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_9120 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_9122 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_9134 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr IMG_9138 by Bos Beeline, on Flickr
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    Providence Style Old & New

    A walk on College Hill last Saturday.
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    907 Main St | Central Square | Cambridge

    907 Main
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    Worcester | Canal District infill/discussion

    Given the potential of this section of Worcester I thought it appropriate to start a thread. With the catalyst of Polar Park this area has the potential of being Worcesters equilivant of Boston's Seaport. A little history first. Lay of the land...
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    90 Ocean Ave | Revere

    90 Ocean Ave
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    Alexandria Center | 50 Rogers St | Kendall Square | Cambridge

    Demolition of rear part of 161 First has been completed to make room for the 50 Rogers Street residence project. The site has also been clear of trees and site prep has begun.
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    Motor Mart Tower | 201 Stuart Str. | Park Sq | Boston

    CIM Group are beginning the process to redevelop the Motor Mart Garage into a 278 foot residential tower. Nothing formal yet. Article from the Boston Sun attached. I also saw Bldup just posted a brief summary.
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    Harvard SEC (Science & Engineering Complex) | Western Ave | Allston

    Paul C. provided detials of project which can be found here: A lot of steel going up. This site is very busy now. Could modes move related items from the Allston Harvard Campus thread?
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    ACKS | 399 Binney Str. | East Cambridge

    Demolition work (two brick factories) has been completed and they are about to start driving sheet pilings. I believe Alexander Development purchased this site, recently, from DivcoWest, so it might already have a thread. If, so mode please merge. This will be a 4 story, 165,000 sqft office...
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    The Sudbury (Bulfinch Crossing Residential Tower) | 50 Sudbury St | GCG Phase I | Gov't Center

    I think it's time to create a dedicated thread for this project. Bulfinch Crossing Residential Tower: Developer: The HYM Group LLC Architects: CBTarchitects Construction Mgmt.: Tishman Construction 486 rental units 548k sqf 547 feet total height PDF...
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    SBWTC /South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center | Seaport

    It is becoming clear that work is about to start on the new Massport Garage in S Boston. The site has been fenced off, field offices have been set up and prep of the site has begun. I could not find any renderings, but I believe the archtect is FMA who also did the new garage @ Logan. What I...
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    Kendall East | 107-139 First Street | East Cambridge | Cambridge

    121-139 First (Before) Currently:
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    East Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    Lets start with the 262 Monsignor O'Brien Hwy project As of Sunday