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    380 2nd Street | Everett An Underground train? Seriously? That's not even commuter rail...
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    The Onyx | 16-20 Medford Street | Somerville

    Housing on a soon-to-be prominent corner.
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    Apartments | 75 Tremont Street | Brighton

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    35 McGrath Highway | Somerville

    Plans: 35 - HV Drawings - 2021 12 14.pdf Facades: 35 - Exhibit B - 2021 03 21.pdf This and 15 McGrath will completely transform the feel of that corridor.
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    40 Roland Street | Charlestown

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    Cottonwood Mixed-Use Development | Dorchester Avenue at Old Colony Avenue | South Boston This is the flatiron site at the intersection of Dot Ave and Old Colony. Cottonwood developed Eschelon in the Seaport.
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    60-66 Cambridge Street | Charlestown

    LOI: 812KSF of life science in two buildings.
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    600 Windsor Place | Somerville

    Another big block-o-lab. 12 floors, 380KSF, 185 feet.
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    Hotel | 7-9 Hamilton Place | Downtown Technically an SPRA, but this seems prominent enough to get a thread.
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    The Sigmund | 40 Soldiers Field Place | Brighton

    PNF: This one goes along with 44-46 SFP (the wooden one) and 1550 SFR. Before you ask, I have no idea what this has to do with Freud.
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    Marketplace Center | Quincy Market | Downtown

    PNF: Recommend that we merge the prior thread with a non-standard title: Globe...
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    Housing on D Street | Massport Parcel D4 | Seaport

    [Mod note: this housing project announced in Dec 2021 is at one end of the parcel on which the SWBTC sits an from whose thread this is split] Massport is looking to develop one end of this with affordable housing...
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    Burlington MA Developments

    Credit to them for trying this, but it looks depressing as hell:
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    155 North Beacon Street | Brighton

    PNF: Roughly 410KSF of life science space across 3 buildings.
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    East of Broadway | 15 Broadway | Everett

    Struggling with whether this goes in a new thread or the Casino thread...
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    775 Huntington Avenue | Mission Hill

    A whole bunch of stuff just got posted to BPDA at once on this but here's the most recent BCDC presentation:
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    Circle Floors Redevelopment | 1911 Revere Beach Parkway | Everett

    Stop us if you've heard this one: 153 more units toward ending the housing crisis!
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    Sunrise of Chestnut Hill | 11 Florence Street | Newton

    Right on the edge of big enough for a thread... this is adjacent to the former Atrium Mall.
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    Public Safety Building/Cobble Hill Redevelopment | 90 Washington Street | Somerville

    Breaking this out from the Union Square Infill thread, partly because there are actually three development parcels here. To the points on the previous thread - I'm not sure it would have been possible to site the community room on the first floor - the only spaces on the first floor at present...
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    MIT SoMa Building 2 | 200 Main Street | Kendall Square

    Time for this one to get its own thread.