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  1. Merper

    TD Banknorth Garden Lights

    Just wondering if the lighting scheme on the Garden has any significance, or is it just random?
  2. Merper

    Is TheBostonBoy really a teenager? The shocking truth next!

    ... no offense bostonboy, as I really do welcome the younger generation to what I consider to be important dialog concerning our built environment, but with all the lols, and w.e's and other AIM related acronyms I hardly have any idea what you're talking about. maybe i'm just old. anyways...
  3. Merper

    Guess the City

    didn't know where else to post random pictures...
  4. Merper

    Michigan Avenue to Millenium Park, Chicago, IL

    I was in Chicago this weekend for a wedding and I was able to take a couple of hours off from groomsman duties to take a walk down Michigan Avenue to check out Chicago's newest landmark, Millenium Park. It was my first time visiting the park, and after all the hoopla, I was skeptical of its...