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  1. Lrfox

    Water Transportation in and around Boston

    After some searching, I wasn't able to find a thread on this topic and as a somewhat infrequent water commuter, I figured I'd start one. I'm not riding it every day as my office is close to N. Station and the Blue Line is still the best option, but I've been occasionally using the new(ish)...
  2. Lrfox

    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    So this broke this morning: The state (DCAMM) has made public its plans to redevelop the Hurley Building site (not the Lindemann) as part of a public-private partnership. It's still very preliminary, but I think it's worthy of...
  3. Lrfox

    State Library Needs Help Identifying "Mystery Photos" of Construction Sites in MA

    State Library Needs Help Identifying "Mystery Photos" of Construction Sites in MA Figured this would be appropriate for AB: Here's the article...
  4. Lrfox

    50-62 Staniford Street Renovation | West End

    More: This looks like it might be a vast improvement over the nothingness that currently exists on that spot. It'll never be a vibrant, thriving retail stretch, but this is one less chunk of dead space with (hopefully) some...
  5. Lrfox

    Shattuck Hospital Relocation and Redevelopment | Jamaica Plain

    Full story in the globe: Quick rundown: The state plans to close the 64-year-old Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain and move its inpatient...
  6. Lrfox

    Pedestrian Only Zones

    I'm creating this thread because I want to talk about the Globe article on Hagman Street in Winthrop, but I'm sure it's not the first attempt at something like this and I know it won't be the last (with Boston attempting it in various locations), so it might not be a bad idea to have a general...
  7. Lrfox

    Posts being deleted?

    I had two posts in the "Biking in Boston" thread disappear over the past few days. Both contained an image hosted on Imgur (which I just started using as a result of photobucket going rogue). The image was pretty basic (the new bike counter on Causeway/Merrimack), and the posts were hardly...
  8. Lrfox

    Hope Point Tower (Fane) | 250 Dyer Street | Providence

    So a new developer has proposed 3 towers on I-195 land. 33,43 and 55 stories. To call this ambitious is an understatement. Is it realistic? No. but it will be interesting to see what comes of it
  9. Lrfox


    I'm heading to Istanbul for 8 days in a week and a half and am looking for suggestions on things to see/do from anyone here who has been. I'm staying in Sultanahmet and will obviously spend some time at the major sites. I'm also planning to do an overnight in Cappadocia (fly to Kayseri, rent a...
  10. Lrfox

    Behind the scenes at Mass DOT

    *edit* I posted these without first asking if I could post them here which I should have done. I've temporarily taken them down until I'm sure it's OK for them to be posted.
  11. Lrfox


    I was in Japan for a around 2 weeks earlier in May. I know many of you have been before, but this was my first time. I loved it but that's probably largely because I didn't have enough time to see the negative. I spent time in Tokyo (rented an apartment near the Nishi Ogikubo station)...
  12. Lrfox


    I'm heading to Shanghai (4 days) and Beijing (5 days) at the end of March, early April. I've never been before and I know a lot of you have either lived there or spent some time over there and I was hoping to get some ideas on what to do in my free time from fellow architecture/urban planning...
  13. Lrfox

    Korea's tribute to 9/11?

    Link to original source: I follow Barstool more than I care to admit. Today they dabbled in the world of architecture. KFC, one of their writers, seems to think this new residential structure in Seoul, South Korea is too...
  14. Lrfox

    Top 100 Public Spaces in the US and Canada

    An interesting take on the US and Canada's top 100 public spaces. Surprisingly, not a single space in Boston made the top 100. The New England spaces that made the list were: 2) Temple Plaza- New Haven CT (I do love this spot) 10) Church Street- Burlington VT 66) Waterplace Park- Providence...
  15. Lrfox

    Suggestions for stalled developments

    Did anyone see this on I almost put it in the Filene's thread as 1/2 of the suggestions are for that spot, but it does include more spots (including Columbus Center). Sam Yoon's is interesting (don't know if I'd want it), but the rest seem to be childish crap (I know, what else would...
  16. Lrfox

    Then and Now... How a City [New Haven] Came Back from the Brink

    An interesting and well written article on New Haven's Renaissance.
  17. Lrfox

    Rail Pods?

    This is an almost laughable prospect, but how cool would it be if these guys could pull it off? link:
  18. Lrfox

    Downtown New Bedford in 1939

    This is a video of Downtown New Bedford in 1939. It was taken by a couple on their honeymoon to the South Coast. It's incredible. It's incredible to see how vibrant of a place it was back then with street cars, density, and people everywhere. Thankfully, much of that architecture is still in...
  19. Lrfox

    Light Rail/ Street Cars as an Auto Industry Bailout?

    I was reading a blog entry by Bret Ancowitz on the Greater City: Providence ( ) blog and he mentioned that a contributor suggested that maybe some of the struggling U.S. automakers could be deployed in building light rail and street cars to help meet the increasing demand...
  20. Lrfox

    No More Streetview in Google Maps?!

    Just checked again, it appears the "streetview" feauture is no longer available-- at least in Boston. It's a shame, they had much of Southern New England available. *Edit* It appears I'm an idiot. The street view is still available, you just have to drag the little orange man (he's on top of...