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  1. Merper

    Boston 2020 Olympics

    having grown up in Seoul during the 80's, I can attest first hand what the long term and some permanent affects an Olympics can leave on a city. Like a previous poster said, those affects in this day and age, for an American city would obviously be very different (though I believe Atlanta did...
  2. Merper

    Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research | MIT | Cambridge

    Re: MIT - Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research if it has ground floor retail, it will be a success.
  3. Merper

    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    slide 34 of the shorter presentation (#5 i think) - what happened to this???
  4. Merper

    Atlantic Wharf (née Russia Wharf) | Atlantic Ave | Waterfront

    Re: Atlantic Wharf (formerly Russia Wharf) i didn't realize the sides tapered a little....
  5. Merper

    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    .... both of these parcels should be developed.
  6. Merper

    Griffin Center @ Mass College of Pharmacy | 662 Huntington Avenue | Mission Hill

    Re: Mass College of Pharmacy "bisected corner of the Tremont Street Entrance to the Fens restored" can you elaborate on that?
  7. Merper

    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    "Maintaining this setback will help to reinforce the residential scale of this street,? said architect Eric Robinson." which really means "maintaining this setback will help reinforce the suburban feel that we hope for the development" "Within the setback, there will be a small garden between...
  8. Merper

    [ARCHIVED] Harbor Garage Redevelopment | 70 East India Row | Waterfront | Downtown

    Re: The Boston Arch (Aquarium parking garage) will it really ever be the world's tallest? aren't there other projects under construction that will be taller?
  9. Merper

    Shreve, Crump & Low Redevelopment | 334-364 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    Re: Shreve, Crump & Low bldng may be replaced w/ new develop the 'hole in the ground' argument would be irrelevant if it wasn't so true.
  10. Merper

    Demolished! 11 Beautiful Train Stations that Fell to the Wrecking Ball

    anyone care to put together a list of best current stations?
  11. Merper

    introducing... Seaport Place

    too many parks...
  12. Merper

    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    glass is going up at Koch, and I think the Mormon project is moving very fast....
  13. Merper

    Kenmore Sq

    Re: Harvard Square in Allston? too much of it missing.
  14. Merper

    The New Retail Thread

    That out of place suburban sign on the sidewalk was acceptable when it was 'local'. An example of 'good' grit? Its now spiffy and new, an eyesore.
  15. Merper

    Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research | MIT | Cambridge

    Re: MIT - Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research i'm not sure, but aren't most buildings in kendall square, fronting main street, MIT buildings (directly or indirectly)? And don't most have street fronting retail?
  16. Merper

    Scale on Boylston and Newbury

    never seen anything proposed for the back side...
  17. Merper

    ⚫ One Marina Park @ Fan Pier | One Marina Park Drive | Seaport

    Re: Fan Pier ... i'm just hoping these buildings lend themselves well for future improvements (modifications) at street level...
  18. Merper

    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    i like how the tunnel in the 2nd pic takes 98% of ALL traffic away.
  19. Merper

    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    ... don't the mormons tend to do pretty high quality construction? ... or am i wrong?
  20. Merper

    My City is Bigger Than Your City

    "Riffgo's right, land mass for Miami is around 38 square miles, Boston is around 50." is that for Miami 'proper', that is, the core not including the surrounding communities that more accurately describe "Miami" (coral gables, coconut grove, kendall, etc?)