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  1. Scott

    Proposed Boston flood barrier
  2. Scott

    Proposed Boston flood barrier

    YIMBY or YIYBY? However, plowing ahead uninformed may not result in an actual solution. Yes, I remember 1976 but I wasn't born in 2006. Listen to the old people, they know from experience how the best of intentions can go terribly wrong
  3. Scott

    Proposed Boston flood barrier

    You don't have to listen but this blaming of the locals cuz they is dum is tiresome. This, like a lot of things, is far more complicated than that
  4. Scott

    Proposed Boston flood barrier

    Clearly few discussions will ever be based on reality any more because somebody told the children at SSP where we are
  5. Scott

    Proposed Boston flood barrier

    You have 3 freshwater rivers draining into the same harbor. The change in salinity will obliterate the wildlife in the harbor and destroy its natural defenses. Goodbye marshes at Belle Isle and the Neponset River Estuary, goodbye game fish like striped bass. Hello dependence on machines. It may...
  6. Scott

    Dorchester Infill and Small Developments

    "The BT Group, led by Fields Corner resident Hiep Chu, gave the first showing of a zero-parking transit-oriented development that it is proposing for a vacant lot that it owns, 22 Freeman St., which abuts the Fields Corner MBTA Station. Hue Architecture’s Jenny Ha and Chu told neighbors that...
  7. Scott

    Shreve, Crump & Low Redevelopment | 334-364 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    Which group has that on their agenda? Seriously?
  8. Scott

    "Dirty Old Boston"
  9. Scott

    Lyra (née The Huntington) | 252/258/264 Huntington Avenue | Fenway

    If the skyline became iconic and helped drive tourism then it would be good but only one city on Earth has truly achieved that.
  10. Scott

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    The trolley should be a single subway fare with a transfer. Back in the day it was free to and from Ashmont. Having either of those might help with ridership.
  11. Scott

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    That's how the story goes I guess; blame the locals. But that is all we are hearing. Isn't it great that the PCC's are still alive on that funky little line on the edge of town? Isn't it awesome that it is actually a cheaper option than the bus?
  12. Scott

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    Yes, I am telling you to disregard anything you have heard here unless that person has commissioned a credible independent study that is contradictory to the T's.
  13. Scott

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    Yes there was a study that was the genesis of a well known plan that is already underway so the burden of proof is on those that disagree with its conclusions. In 2017 the T did a study about what to do with the line, if it should be a bus, train, or trolley- and then implemented a plan to...
  14. Scott

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    Then prove it. Don't believe what the self proclaimed experts here say; they are playing Sim City. Their arguments rely on back of the napkin calculations and a suburbanites misunderstanding of the people
  15. Scott

    Crazy Transit Pitches

    How would the Red Line go to Foxboro from Ashmont or NQ? It is more west than south. And don't say via the Mattapan/Ashmont because it is well established that that can't be done
  16. Scott

    MBTA stations that are aging well

    Cosmetically Shawmut Station has barely changed in 100 years. It's close to perfect for where it is
  17. Scott

    General Infrastructure

    Try Joe Green and the 'BZ copter Edit: Seriously 1030 AM traffic and weather on the 3's
  18. Scott

    7INK (née Ollie) | 217 Albany St | South End

    I like it. It's weird like 99 High Street meets Planet of the Apes and it's not walling off Bay Village
  19. Scott

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    They look like something out of the Warriors
  20. Scott

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Drove down 291 today. New Orange Line trains all tagged with graffiti