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    Youtube/Encore room views of Skyline

    There are some good quality videos that people have posted on Youtube showing their Encore room/views out of the windows of the skyline. (Awesome views!) A few were posted on opening day. Some did it to be able to say they were the first person to ever check into their room. (Does that qualify...
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    Tobin Bridge with LED Lights?

    Anyone ever hear of a plan to illuminate the Tobin Bridge with LED lighting? I read that "Phillips Color Kinetics" is based in Boston, and that's exactly what they do. Checked out their website, and after seeing their work, it seems like a project worth looking into. Problem is, where does the...
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    Missing Buildings/Downtown-John Hancock Tower

    When viewed from the Cambridge side of the city, the glaring "hole" in the skyline really is noticeable. (from downtown all the way out towards John Hancock Tower with a noticeable gap) Didn't former mayor Kevin White call for a "spine" of skyscrapers from downtown all the way out to Back Bay...
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    Marriott Custom House Tower 100 Years Old!

    I think it is amazing that the Custom House Tower-which is 496' Tall, and built in 1915-still reigns as one of Boston's tallest structures. Boston's John Hancock Tower-at 790' tall-rises only 294' higher than the Custom House Tower. Seems amazing we have only reached that 790' plateau to this...
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    Boston:America's Windiest City-no windpower?!

    With Boston being the countries' windiest city, it would seem that wind power could be incorporated somehow into our building designs, doesn't it? I'm not talking about just sticking giant windmills everywhere, either. (Palm Springs,Cal scenery is destroyed, due to that aspect) But it would seem...