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    JetBlue and Spirit agree to merge.
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    The cost of replicating the Roman Coliseum in the United States?

    A video-blogger of classical Rome took on the task of estimating the original cost, and then obtaining cost estimates from three architects / engineers for a contemporary reproduction. Interesting that current-day estimates didn't need to include mechanicals, electricity, some plumbing, etc...
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    East Boston Municipal Harbor Plan gets a go-ahead. Downtown Harbor Plan gets a delay.

    As the Pinnacle thread is locked, I'll post the announcement from Mayor Wo on both in this thread. ...........
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    Fusion reactor at Devens. 3-D Printing at Devens
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    BPDA's new coastal flood resilience zone regulations approved

    The regulations were approved Sept. 13. The final draft can be found here. Excerpts from the Globe article...
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    New natural gas powered generating plant Salem and climate resiliency

    This project was completed last decade, and I came across these photos from the landscape architect while looking for images of ships unloading over-size equipment for the plant as it was being constructed. The plant has a deep-water dock, linked to a 32 foot deep channel that runs between the...
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    Boston's and Cambridge's biggest landlord betting big on more development

    Mods, move if this is the wrong forum. .
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    Amazon Crystal City | Arlington | VA

    A critical review of Amazon's development at Crystal City The above written by the architecture critic of the Washington Post, a newspaper owned by...
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    Russian site spoofing aB?

    What are these sites with Russian domains? and, and, A screen grab from the first.
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    Widett Circle Development, so it begins.
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    Why Amazon chose Northern Virginia.

    As the Amazon HQ is closed to further comment, I'll create a new thread, and post this. Got an invite today to this presentation. The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) is the top job-development agency in the state. VEDP will explain how they were successful in persuading...
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    What to do about high winds 'downdrafting' the face of tall Boston buildings? One project is specifically referenced for doing extensive wind studies: Studio Gang's One Kenmore Square. IIRC, the PNF for the Pinnacle explains that the terraced layers...
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    Future Plans for Hynes Convention Center | 900 Boylston St | Back Bay
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    Survey of what new waterfront buildings are doing to prepare for rising sea levels

    This is an extensive article published in the Feb. 19th Washington Post, and describes specific actions being taken by the city, MBTA, and individual developers to anticipate rising sea levels and pro-actively undertake steps to mitigate the potential damage and disruption...
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    A set of lectures on the destruction of the West End. The seven ticketed lectures, sponsored by the West End Museum, are: Feb. 19: Urban Renewal & the People of the West End Demolition March 25: The History of the Slum in America & Boston...
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    Trump proposes requiring new Federal buildings be neoclassical, banishing brutalism and deconstructivism. I won't violate Godwin's law, but will point out there was a 20th Century autocrat who took a great interest in architecture,
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    COVID-19 Impacts on Logan, MBTA, and Boston travel and tourism

    Starting February 2nd, all inbound flights from mainland China will be routed to one of seven airports; Logan isn't one of them. Only two of the airports are on the East Coast: JFK and ATL. Delta, United, and American are suspending all flights to China, Two of the carriers hope to resume...
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    Boston's children, fewer and fewer of them

    {quote]....that highlights the dwindling number of children — particularly middle class children — in an otherwise-growing and thriving city. Since 2000, according to the report, the population of school-age children in Boston has fallen by nearly 10,000 — down about one-tenth — even as the city...
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    Boston's economic growth needs to be slowed. Brookings

    Mods, I'm starting this thread in this sub-forum, given the premise in the Brookings report that Boston tech growth, and the ensuing boom in lab and office space is coming at the expense of the rest of the country. Feel free to move...
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    Cost of building subsidized housing in California reaching stratospheric levels: $900,000 per unit in San Francisco

    The $900,000 per unit in San Francisco From...