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    Harbor Garage Redevelopment Pontificating | Waterfront

    Get this, per today's Bisnow article on this: The Harbor Towers lawsuit also asked for GUARANTEED parking from Chiofaro, but the judge did NOT allow that part to go forward in the lawsuit. Wow, is all I can say.
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    Harbor Garage Redevelopment Pontificating | Waterfront

    I really do not see how a group of people living in two forty story towers, directly on the waterfront, have the gall to argue against neighboring development. If they succeed in stopping Chiofaro, I hope he succeeds by taking away their parking options. Cause and effect in action, or perhaps...
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    The Alcott (née Garden Garage Towers) | 35 Lomasney Way | West End

    ^I don't believe the first paragraph is completely true. (but perhaps not pertaining to Brooklyn) I remember reading somewhere that most of the tall Manhattan towers are concentrated centrally due to varying soil/bedrock conditions in certain areas of the city. (this prohibits taller towers in...
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    Youtube/Encore room views of Skyline

    There are some good quality videos that people have posted on Youtube showing their Encore room/views out of the windows of the skyline. (Awesome views!) A few were posted on opening day. Some did it to be able to say they were the first person to ever check into their room. (Does that qualify...
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    Worcester Approves $583M City Square

    ^The irony is that it is a "camo" design, but it does nothing but stand out (very badly) instead of being camouflaged. :o
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    Hanover St "Tower" | 244 Hanover St | North End

    ^The slow progress is the result of being surrounded by all of those great Italian restaurants! A big plate of pasta with-a meata-ball, followed by a few Mike's Pastry cannoli for dessert, results in very slow moving construction workers. :smile:
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    ^Wow. How dare they remove that beautiful, modern corrugated metal facade! (Makes you wonder: WTF were they thinking back then!?)
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    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    ^Awesome pics...I never realized there was parking on the roof of the Eastern Airlines terminal.
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    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    I could be nitpicking here,(ok,I am) :lol: but one would think that Massport would just designate Terminal E as being Terminal D to eliminate all confusion. (it was already mentioned that the public complained it would be confusing to rename it) I don't see how it's confusing. Everyone knows...
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    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    Not that it matters much, but does anyone know why we have Terminals A,B,C and E, with no terminal D? Logic would place terminal D where C is now, if terminal B was split in half, with the other half being terminal C. I was wondering if that was the original plan. (?)
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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    I'm hoping those "oil-derrick" style light poles don't end up being used to illuminate the park. They would look great in West Texas, not so much here. I would prefer something modern and clean looking.
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    Raffles Boston (40 Trinity Place) | 426 Stuart Street | Back Bay

    Raffles Hotel is a GO! The $314 million project has been financed by Madison Realty Capital of New York.
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    Encore Boston Harbor Casino | 1 Broadway | Everett

    ^They'll probably knock that $7 charge off/reimburse when you spend money at the property. (validated boat rides)....perhaps free spins on the slots, which will end up in the casino's coffers anyway. :-P
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    The Sudbury (Bulfinch Crossing Residential Tower) | 50 Sudbury St | GCG Phase I | Gov't Center

    ^This render shot shows the differentiation of height between the two towers the best. Wow, I didn't quite grasp the height of the office tower until I saw this image. This will be very impressive from the harbor and Logan. Lit crowns here, Hub on Causeway, SST, Winthrop Sq, etc. (plus...
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    ^I entirely agree. MT is the most impressive tower since JHT, it looks absolutely stunning. (best in the skyline in my eyes) Winthrop should look just as impressive when it's done-lit crown and all. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, Millenniums' project's are enhancing Boston immeasurably. We...
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    Logan Airport Flights and Airlines Discussion

    ^I'm hoping Norwegian can stay afloat. Already have my Rome flight booked for Sept-Oct. ($530 non-stop flights) During booking, you pay for every single thing for the flight a-la-carte. Priority boarding, seat assignment, meal, checked bag, etc. I'm worried because I too have been reading about...
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    Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    ^Plus, if you factor in the actual height versus "story" height, (building rises to 61 floors if I remember correctly, but it's 742' tall) so those balconies are actually in the 70+-story range, not in the 60's if one uses the generally accepted 10'/floor. It's really equivalent to a 74 story...
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    State Street HQ | One Congress | Bulfinch Crossing | West End

    ^A lost opportunity. N.E. Studios in Devens could've filmed a Godzilla scene there. He'd be munching away on it all.
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    News flash: The latest reports are that Millenium was afraid the building could sink like in SF, and the observation deck would end up as the lobby anyway. (I mean Great Hall, oops sorry, I mean Connector)
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    ^ Oh wow, my apologies then. I didn't realize that was an absolute initially. If I were Maahty, I would ask Millennium to make it up somehow. Do they think their very high winning bid gives them more breathing room to deviate without repercussions? Either do something big in keeping with the...