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    Earth Hour

    Earth Hour is tonight and Boston is participating in the world wide event. Some of the city's landmarks will go dark for an hour beginning at 8:30. I think the Zakim Bridge, the Citgo Sign, the Custom House Tower, parts of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and maybe the Pru are to all go...
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    If We Moved Logan Airport...

    What if, by divine intervention, we are able to relocate Logan Airport to a far away, but convenient place, what would we do with all of that land in East Boston? I want to know you best ideas. Note - for inspiration, look at Hong Kong's airport relocation project. Does someone want to do a...
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    Well, so here it is. A forum dedicated to politics. Let the games begin...
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    Police Blow Up Suspicious Device In Boston...again

    For the love of god, maybe, just maybe, the police department can make a phone call to the transportation department BEFORE blowing things up. Are these guys idiots?
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    Many state troopers make more than governor

    Many state troopers make more than governor February 7, 2007 BOSTON --More than 200 state police troopers who boosted their base salary by working overtime and road details were paid more than the governor last year, according to a published report. Nearly one in 10 -- or 225 troopers --...
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    Springfield Commuter Rail

    In six or so years, Springfield will be the northern terminus for the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield (the Knowledge Corridor) commuter rail line, part of the MetroNorth RR. With that being said, could the MBTA continue the Worcester line to Springfield? I know that Amtrak already runs trains...
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    Windows Local Live Virtual Earth

    Pretty cool, check this out: Virtual Earth
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    How did you come up with your screen name?

    What does your name mean? Garbribre? Is it french, espanol? I don't even know how to pronounce it in my head! Don't worry, it's 1:12 am and I am slightly intoxicated. eijkfodjklsdfj what the hell am I doing writing on this board? wow, am i as sick as patrick000000000000001? ahhahsahsdhad f...
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    :shock: Post your MBTA related gripes/observations/feelings here! :mrgreen:
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    What Happened?

    What happened?