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    Oxford Office Bldg. | 125 Lincoln St | Leather District
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    State Street HQ | One Congress | Bulfinch Crossing | West End

    Here. We. Go.
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    Cambridge Crossing Parcel EF | 250 Dawes Street | Cambridge/Somerville

    Thread for the new under construction 500ksf spec office development located behind the also under-construction Parcel J/K. Pile driving is already happening, and civil work for the road network seems to be starting. Most recent special permit application
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    88 Seaport Blvd | Seaport Square Parcel D | Seaport

    Plans for office tower revealed by Globe. Practically no detail but clearly more is coming.
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    The Abbot Building | 1-30 Brattle St | Harvard Square | Cambridge I give this a .001% chance to survive the backlash, but on the other hand Cambridge clearly does not give a single crap about fixing its housing and zoning problem, so who knows!
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    Let's establish an advocacy group

    The people who contribute on archboston and the online communities like it (Second Avenue Sagas, GGW, etc…) should form a transit advocacy group. Fundamentally, if we want the things that get posted on Crazy Transit Pitches to happen, we have to advocate for them, and the existing organisations...
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    Pioneer Valley Transit Authority route improvements

    The PVTA has just published a series of recommendations for transit in the Pioneer Valley, coming off of an expected increase in subsidy of $4 million next year. I only have experience in a few Amherst routes, so I'll try to comment on those: B43: The suggestion, while pretty vague ("Operate as...
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    West Acton, MA: New mixed use buildings

    Along Mass Ave in West Acton, a series of new developments by New Habitat partners, LLC has been taking shape. So far, it includes one restraunt, several office tenants, and a new commercial spaces for misc. shops. The newest addition, 525-531 Mass Ave, is highlighted in red. I forgot to take...