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    Okay, so who here wants to disect this? Part III. you've got to be kidding me?

    Facebook message I got earlier How should I respond?
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    Okay, so who here wants to disect this? Part II: The "Boyfriend" Destroyer

    What a difference a day makes. I just went from hero to zero and now hero-in-training. If you guys don't want to read the entire thread, it's simple: How to steal a woman away from another guy First off, thank you guys so much for you help. No, I don't have a lot of confidence in myself...
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    Movin' Out (MMC's Song)

    Went on my date tonight, She rejected me. I feel like my heart is broken in half. I'm crying as I type this. So, I'm looking at journalism jobs in other cities (Denver, Seattle, San Francisco...fuck I'll love in Austin if I need to). Any archbostonites live in the Western part of the U.S?
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    Okay, so who here wants to disect this?

    And it's CLEAN, off-topic but a pickle nevertheless... A little background. I'm a freelance writer. I've written for some local business publications outside of Boston (no big name publications). Times have been tough though. I'm twenty-seven, living with my father for the time being, outside...
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    41 Westland Ave Garage
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    World's most visonary cities
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    What are you listening to now?

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    Rental Units/Retail Planned for Tribune Building I couldn't find a thread for please forgive me
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    New Transportation Center for Hingham Shipyard
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    Books on Gun Safety...

    So I was visiting my Mom and Sister last weekend. I asked her what they wanted for Christmas. My mother said that she wanted a gun. Needless to say, my sister and I thought that it was a joke. She said that she wasn't joking. She said that she wanted a gun to not only shoot squirrels off of her...
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    Mass DOT to replace bridge decks on I-93 in Medford...
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    MBTA to serve T.F. Green next month

    Another viable option to Logan...
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    Boston 3rd Most Relaxed City in America

    Okay...Three questions: 1. Who actually survey's this shit? 2. Since when is Boston a good place to avoid 'the rat race?' 3. What did we do to deserve # three?
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    America's Best Neighborhoods...

    And guess what? No Boston neighborhood is in the Top five! EDIT: The Back Bay is in there. Just down the list.
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    To restore or to not restore the MBTA's late-night service

    It's been talked about at nauseum, and I'm not sure where to begin: GM Richard Davey said that it's not happening and the Mayor said that the "T isn't designed to taxi drunk people around." Of course there are several factors in not restoring night owl service, but the biggest would be loss of...
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    Gillette Stadium

    There are many what ifs in life. One of them is what if Tom Menino had allowed Bob Kraft to build Gillette Stadium in South Boston, like he had originally planned. Personally, for a "Boston team," I have always thought that it was ridiculous to have this team play thirty miles south in a town...