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    Supertall "Flagpole of Freedom" in Maine

    The owner of a wreath company wants to build a 1400-foot flagpole-shaped building with an observation deck on top and a monument with the name of every veteran ever in Maine:
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    Tobin Observation Tower

    So this is something just floating around in my mind for several months now- I have long maintained that the indisputable best view of Boston is approaching Charlestown from the Tobin Bridge. Downtown, the Mystic, East Boston, Cambridge, the Seaport, Bunker Hill- it's all there. There really...
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    Fastest Proposal-to-build in MBTA History?

    Looking at the the Red-Blue connector and Transit Pitch threads, I got to wondering- what was the fastest time between a MBTA rail expansion was proposed, and when it was actually built? I would not include the days of BERy, because that was a different agency with a different way of doing...
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    Urbx "Skyscraper" Supermarket, Seaport

    From : More about it here: I doubt the building will come anywhere close to being built "by the...
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    Providence Transit

    I just wanted to create this thread for further use, to hold all the proposals bouncing around The Renaissance City for streetcars, commuter and light rails, BRTS, upgraded bus service and even subway pipe dreams. They got the Rapid Bus line built, which is a watered down or streamlined BRT...
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    Union Point (AKA SouthField) | Weymouth

    Tell me if there's a thread on this, I searched and found nothing. Developer Proposing 9 Million Square Feet Of Commercial Space on old Airfield Site. Also: 4 Thousand Residences, 50 Miles Of Hiking and Biking Trails, Not even a development, or a neighboorhood, but a whole new smart city...
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    Art Deco

    Is there already an art deco thread? I looked with no avail. Anyways: Post examples of Art Deco- your faves. Also general discussion. Here are a few around Boston: And a few national examples: Enjoy!
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    A day without height discussions

    It would be funny to see if we could go a day or probably a week without mentioning the height of a building or using the word NIMBY...just to see what would happen. Would we all die? Would the forum's servers explode? Maybe both? Who knows...
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    What is your favorite major american city?

    Why is it your favorite? If I didn't list one of your favorites, write it in.
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    Unsung Buildings

    Here is a place to share your favorite buildings that were never really appreciated or famous, though you think they should have. Here are some of my faves:
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    New England Skylines Poll

    Here is the poll for the NE skylines thread.
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    New England Skylines thread

    This is a poll, but also a thread to discuss the skylines of NE cities outside of Boston. Here are some photos of different skylines around NE, but I suggest looking them up to get a better perspective. Providence: Springfield: Hartford: Worcester: New Haven: Bridgeport: Stamford:
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    Should the CITGO sign be demolished?

    Use this poll to vote on whether the CITGO sign should be demolished.
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    Save The CITGO sign!

    I strongly encourage everyone who's reading this to sign this petition and share it. Imagine what Boston would look like without our iconic sign.
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    Where do you place yourself on the NIMBY spectrum?

    Are you a die-hard "Build it up" kinda person, or a NIMBY who doesn't like anything built over 6 feet tall? What about in the middle? Take this poll to see where your results fall in with others.
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    Commonwealth Pier Revitalization (née Seaport WTC)| 200 Seaport Boulevard | Seaport

    World Trade Center in South Boston could get a makeover From Boston Globe: 2/16/17 Pembroke Real Estate, an affiliate of mutual fund giant Fidelity Investments, confirmed it’s looking to hire a firm to study the redevelopment of the sprawling, roughly 800,000-square-foot complex. The structure...
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    General City Planning/Urban Design Thread

    I'm not sure if this thread has been made yet, if it has, tell me. Discuss: Urban renewal projects: Public Housing Expressways Parking Lots New Urban Design: Ghost Cities Urban Village New Ideas Old Urban Design: Walled Cities European plazas Boston in the 16-1700s. Projects: Current...
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    The Protest Thread

    Since it seems like we will be enjoying a lot of protests with DONALD as our president, I felt like we should have a thread for it. Discuss The Common Protest, the Copley, pros, cons, ect.
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    Why do we like tall buildings?

    Question: Why do we like tall buildings? Why do so many people on this forum (including I) jump when we hear of a new skyscraper being proposed or the approval of another spire. We all say "Oh, I can't tell you how much I'd love it if that Winthrop Square Tower was built over there! It would...
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    Can anybody tell what style this building is? I've named it styleX. If anybody knows what this is actually called, or can come up with a better name for it, write it in. Picture of it here: