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    General MBTA Discussion Thread

    DC Metro has had bright LED lights installed at a lot of stations recently. Of course it's a much cleaner system to begin with.
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    Revere Infill and Small Developments

    Awesome stuff, Javier! Hopefully this becomes a great urban node with the requisite retail.
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    Common Albright | 525 Lincoln Street | Allston

    It's actually spelled Allbright. Well, I am intrigued, just from the name, I'm guessing it's a co-living building, and after doing some googling, yes it is! I think this is a great model for young(er) professionals that want a nice place but not at the price of a standalone unit, plus it may...
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    500 Ocean Ave | Waterfront Square | Revere

    This is a big deal, and decades overdue. Awesome TOD.
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    Cambridge Crossing (NorthPoint) | East Cambridge/Charlestown | Cambridge/Boston

    Renders look like some not quite satisfyingly urban DC-area development. Obviously the surroundings are better here but this does look a bit corporate. I do like most of the existing buildings that got built here though so hopefully they future ones will be more inspiring than the renders or...
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    MIT Museum/Boeing | 314 Main St. | Kendall Square

    This is honestly fire. A work of art.
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    Worcester Improvements

    New Haven is definitely above Hartford for urbanity. Probably Portland, Maine is also above Hartford. I'll admit that most of the other midsized cities are mediocre.
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    Old Boston Edison Plant | Summer St | South Boston

    Well yeah, the buildings are taller. But it'll be similar, trust me. The corporate urban development template doesn't exactly vary that much from city to city. This corner...
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    Old Boston Edison Plant | Summer St | South Boston

    I was not referring to the existing Boston seaport in its entirety. I agree that it is superior to the DC Navy Yard. I'm talking about only this development specifically based on the rendering*. DC is oddly dead for a dense city, but so is Baltimore. Really only Boston, NYC, and Philly on...
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    Old Boston Edison Plant | Summer St | South Boston

    Wow. That's like the DC Navy Yard of Boston.
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    XenForo Update

    Can editing posts be enabled? Oftentimes I have a complex thought that requires several edits to phrase right. I'm sure many others do too.
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    Worcester Improvements

    Worcester is a cluster of working class historic housing, no more and no less. Just like the Rust Belt in the Midwest, historic preservation isn't the highest priority, when essentially every building is both historic and deteriorating.
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    Worcester Improvements

    Are you crying?
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    Boom Towns

    This boom really is unprecedented, and much larger relatively than NYC's or any other traditionally urban American cities (correct me if I'm wrong)
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    Chinese Architecture or Whatever.

    Even my city in China is doing classic architecture better: Bonus shot of some real art deco. Beauty: