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  • Promote topicality, jazzy riffs, artful juxtapositions & historical illustrations via hyperlinks. Keep OT text <1" tall; sigs shorter & SIZE 1.
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    "A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation." — Gustavo Petro, Ex-Mayor of Bogotá
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    "Well then, Critobulus," said Socrates, "what if I demonstrate that, in the first place, some people spend a lot of money on building useless houses, whereas others spend far less and build perfectly adequate houses?"
    As a commute-to-work cyclist, I've concluded that nothing is worth having an epitaph that reads "He had the right of way"
    Instructive, off-topic, compare/contrasts are better done as hyperlinks. I love Jazzy riffs, artful juxtapositions and historical illustrations, and also topicality. Use links to follow your bliss and stay on topic at the same time. Off-topic posts should strive to be 1 inch tall.
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