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    The Cove | Green Street | Worcester

    Finally Worcester seems to be growing up. It was one of the deadest, most decrepit cities in New England when I lived there.
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    Kenmore Square North (WHOOP) | 533-541 Commonwealth Ave | Fenway

    This is about as route 128 as it gets.
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    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    Jesus, talk about beating a dead horse.
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    7INK (née Ollie) | 217 Albany St | South End

    The Whole Foods building sucks, but the rest of the ink block turned out great! Pretty damn urban and would be a focal point in almost any other city.
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    BU Data Sciences Center | 665 Commonwealth Avenue | BU Central

    Mockup looks great. Should be better than Harvard sec.
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    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    Mostly a hellhole of sprawl.
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    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    Yeah Florida is trash, except maybe select parts of South Beach and Key West.
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    Harvard SEC (Science & Engineering Complex) | Western Ave | Allston

    This would be an awesome route 128 building. It’s a nice building but there’s nothing urban about it. Which kind of annoys me, most of the other universities in the area build more urban buildings, while Harvard is mostly cloistered statement buildings. I do acknowledge that it was an empty lot...
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    I honestly like it. This would definitely be a standout complex in outer-borough NYC for example. The Verizon logo looks pretty boss on this building (and normally I think that logo is meh). It’s not perfect but it’s pretty damn good.
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    Clippership Wharf | East Boston

    Design looks alright for your typical 5+1 wood boxes. Disappointing how dead the area is though. Seems like all the rest of the East Boston waterfront developments..
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    Design a Better Franklin Park

    Basically it’s as simple as very few people play golf, and it takes up an inordinate amount of space. Case closed. Paragraphs of barely-decipherable excreta do not change that basic reality.
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    COVID-19 in Boston

    I’m pretty sure they reserve the right to shut down again if the curve spikes?