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  • lol. My name's Stephen. Didn't stay there after coop, but doing similar stuff full time now.
    Hi there. No worries at all. I'm just happy to hear that news. Although I am very tempted to see them, you don't have to send them. Don't want to get you in trouble. Does this mean that the Garage is coming down on a set date, or are these renderings just conceptual? Thanks.
    I like to but u reminded me of how much trouble I almost got into when I posted the south station video so now im a little leary about posting renderings as they do belong to our cilents and they hav'nt submited them to the BRA yet so sorry shot off my mouth before I checked if it was ok if u send me ur email I can send u them but please donot post!!!
    Could you please share the renderings (or at least the news) for 1 Congress? You really got a lot of board members exited and then were mum on it.
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