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  • Hey there, Tim,
    I do think you left Whigh off way too easily. This isn't the first time he's posted something that bordered on homophobia...I called him out once years ago (I searched my posts but couldn't find anything though at one time, this board was completely redone and we had to log on new or something like that which may be the reason I can't find it) on something he posted..of course as a joke or an off hand remark. Unless he apologized to you, (I didn't see any and I don't take the excuse it was only a joke) as an apology. It's always the same ole, same ole...someone makes a racist/homophobic remark and then gives a general apology...I apologize to anyone who took offense to my remark...which isn't any apology at all. Anyway, my gripe is his cleverly throwing in the word perverts who will now have their way in bathrooms to take pics of private parts...such a pile of crap and that's why I called him out that. It's the same argument that legislators/ministers/concerned citizens/etc used against gay people for years...those perverts want rights? Those perverts can't be near children! those perverts should never be allowed to be members of a church congregation or minister to a congregation. Would you let someone off so easily if something similar was posted on your FB page? And of all days, he used today, the exact day that the Transbill was signed. He's sneaky and brought it up deliberately. He is no fool, he knew EXACTLY what he was saying. Calling him out like was done sends a powerful message to him...frankly, he deserved to have that post stay! Also, I made no agreement to have my comment withdrawn.....anyone who also commented should have at least had had the option by the mod to keep it up or take it down. Just my thoughts on this.
    Hey there, data'
    It's atlantaden, I tried to find you on Facebook, since you practically gave permission.. (Refer to my Facebook pix if you haven't already snooped! ;-)) but I was unable to find you on FB! I would enjoy being a facebook friend and would send you a request but, since I can't find you, I'll give you my FB name with the hope you'll send a friend request! Dennis Ferioli Hope you do friend me! Thanks, Den
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