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    Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

    I’m completely with you on what makes for an interesting destination. And, that’s exactly how you find the interesting findings you found. i’ve explored Chelsea Creek by boat. It’s pretty awesome.
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    Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

    Rumney has been subject to so much encroachment and destruction id prefer to see it left alone and people discouraged, not encouraged, to traverse it.
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    Brookline Infill and Small Developments

    I hate to say it, but the old bank building just doesn't fit the modern scheme of roads. It worked long ago when Wash/Boylston hadn't been urban reneweled to death and there was surrounding life on the streets, but now the bank building is just a cold dead killer to the feeling of that area...
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    Roslindale Infill and Small Developments

    This one is seriously next level bullshit, though. I get all the politics and I get all the bullshit nonsense, but literally, 99% of the commenters on this project supported it. This is just twisted and sick.
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    Roslindale Infill and Small Developments This is absolutely fucking disgusting. I looked through all the letters on this proposal a few months ago… Literally, it was like 90% in favor, and one or two bitchy pathetic typical Bostonian complainers against it. How the fuck is it...
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    Roxbury Infill and Small Developments

    This seems like a very large building to be made out of wood… Isn’t it?
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    Fall River/New Bedford Commuter Rail (South Coast Rail)

    Yes. But a big rail project = union jobs and the unions pay a lot of money to local political campaigns. So, there's that. And, big rail projects are just but one of the many ways people get hung up on big shiny objects as being the magic solution to problems, rather than the less glamorous...
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    Fall River/New Bedford Commuter Rail (South Coast Rail)

    I can’t remember exactly but somewhere in the threads there’s discussion with usual weigh ins from the transit geeks about light rail — my fantasy was to run a light rail exactly as you envisioned, but among other comments it was shredded in minute detail by F Line. And the critiques were...
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    Fall River/New Bedford Commuter Rail (South Coast Rail)

    These numbers aren’t new, but provide an opportunity to once again say, I just can’t fucking believe we are spending such a vast amount of money for such a tiny number of new riders. Billions of dollars could’ve been spent on much, much, much more utilitarian projects that would’ve benefited...
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    420 Rutherford Avenue | Charlestown

    It’s funny how even though development today is informed by far more enlightened ideas, areas that saw either urban renewal clearance projects, or highway widening projects, always seem to get contemporary development with massive parcel sizes and anti-urban designs that get approved.
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    Newton Infill and Small Developments

    They should be going taller than that for a building on Washington, but these are tasteful I must admit.
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    Hotel Buckminster Renovation | Brookline Ave & Beacon St | Kenmore Square (Fenway)

    Kenmore is turning into a tragedy on the level of Scollay.
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    Somerville Infill and Small Developments

    I drove by the city hall complex a few weeks ago and had no idea there was all this construction there. Surprised there hasn’t been more posting of pics. There’s been a ton of work done and it looks great.
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    11-21 Bromfield Street | DTX | Downtown

    Looks like a nice building for Alexandria VA.
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    Jamaica Plain Infill and Small Developments

    Nice to see you back. I moved out in 2018.