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    [ARCHIVED] Harbor Garage Redevelopment | 70 East India Row | Waterfront | Downtown

    Re: The Boston Arch (Aquarium parking garage) I thought one of the original complaints was that the towers would block views. It looks like scenario III would block the about same amount of view as the original design.
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    Bulfinch Crossing | Congress Street Garage | West End

    Re: Congress Street Garage Development ^ Does anyone know what building is WAY in the back of that picture to the right of the Pru? Looks like the old SST but not sure.
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    Providence Construction

    New pic (5 in 1, actually) taken today as I was driving through... BTW nothing new at 110 Westminster. They're mainly bracing up an old wall that I'm assuming will be against the new building.
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    A New City Hall? Maybe

    Any opinions on the building of a central station underneath whatever is built there? A central station could link North and South Stations as well as the Blue, Green and Orange lines.
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    Providence Construction

    I took a couple of construction pics in Providence one afternoon last week. This is my first post with my own pics. I hope they're okay. Residences at the Westin: Residences at the Westin from Providence Place: The new GTECH Building: One Ten Westminster site: If NIMBYs had their way...
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    Avalon North Station | Nashua Street Residences | West End

    I think Bowesst is right. I think the LT is where the red bushes are in the pic and the tower is in between the LT and the Garden. They probably left it out of the image on purpose. Is this tower part of the original 3 tower plan for the area (along with the other red towers?)